The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Isle of Frost

Back outside, go south and the Anouki nearby will say that he's the real Aroo,
telling you how the disguised Yook captured him. Once he's done talking, hop on
the pole next to him and use the Grappling Hook on the pole to the left. Jump
on that one, then grapple to the one at the south. Finally, grapple to the last
one on the high ledge, then follow the path down to the next area. Here, go by
the pole in front of you and take out the Grappling Hook. Look to the right and
grapple to that pole, then go south and jump off the ledge to a chest. Open it
to get a Power Gem, then jump all the way down. As you can see, the Yooks are
friendly now. Head back up to the ledge you were on (get on the high ledge on
the right again), then head south.

You'll see a raised plateau with a chest on it. Just south of it is a pole.
Jump on it and grapple over to the chest, which contains a big Rupee worth 100.
Get off of the raised plateau and go back to the pole. Jump on it again, and
then grapple to the pole on the left. From where you're standing, take out the
Grappling Hook and grapple to one of the two chests to the north. Both chests
contain a Red Rupee. Jump down after getting them and go left, then enter the
cave again. Make your way through it back to the village area. I didn't tell
you this before, but if you dig by the Island Chief's house sign, you'll find a
big green Rupee worth 100. Anyway, go back to where your ship is. North and
slightly left of it are some steps leading up to a platform.

Head up the steps and use the Grappling Hook to grapple to the chest to the
north, then open it to find a Wisdom Gem. Now, if you want, go north and
grapple to the pole to the right, then talk to the Anouki. He hints at the
hidden green Rupee under the Island Chief's sign. Jump down either way, and
head to the Anouki Estates. Left of all the buildings is a pole, and there's
another pole north of that one. Grapple to it and hit the gossip stone, and it
will tell you that there's a secret under the Old Wayfarer's hut on Bannan
Island. Grapple back over to the south, then head northeast to another pole.
Grapple to the pole to the south and dig in the middle. You will dig up a Gold
Rupee worth 300! Awesome! Head left and grapple back over, then make your way
to your ship. Tell Linebeck you're ready to set sail.

The Sea

Now it's time to set a course due north for the Northeastern Sea. Do so, and
when you arrive there, you will see two islands. One has a cyclone blocking it.
Try to set a course for the Isle of Ruins, then when you get to the cyclone, it
will spit you out in between the two islands. I guess the only thing you can do
now is set a course for the second island, the Isle of the Dead. Scaaary. On
your way there, be extremely careful of the pirate boats that will shoot you.



Side Quests

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