The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of Ice

Go forward and Ciela will say that she's actually warming up in here. Must be
pretty cold outside, then. Head up and hit the red switch to the left. This
turns it blue, lowering the red blocks and raising the blue ones. Head north up
to the blue blocks, then face down and target the switch again with the
Boomerang. Throw it to hit it, lowering the blue blocks. Follow the path and
defeat the Blue ChuChu, then you'll come to some raised blocks. Head south and
follow the path, avoiding the razor traps. Go left and press the switch to open
the door, then go left and place a bomb by the colored switch. Quickly go back
to the right and head up the path before it blows up, then you should make it
past the blue blocks before they raise up.

Head up the stairs where the lowered red blocks are, then in the next room, go
through the hallway and take those stairs up. Here, head south and onto the
slippery ice. Go all the way down to a pole and some pots. Tap the pole to get
on it, then take out your Boomerang and target the switch to the north. Throw
it to hit it, causing some icicles by the steps to melt. Jump off the pole and
go north, then head up the steps. Follow the path and go north, then open the
chest to get a Red Potion. Go back south and you'll see four levers. We will
have to find out the order we have to pull them in. Make your way to the
southwestern corner of the room. To defeat the beetle enemies, attack them from
behind. When you get there, jump across the ledges to a tombstone.

It tells you to first pull the lever on the far left. Now, jump back across and
head all the way right, defeating the beetle enemy you come to. Head south of
that enemy and jump across to the next tombstone, which says to draw a line due
north on your map. You must pull that lever last. Jump back across, then go to
the northwestern corner of the room to find another tombstone. This one tells
you to pull the one in front of the tongue second. Go back to the levers now.
You must first pull the one on the far left. Then, pull the one on the far
right, then the one next to it, then pull the only one remaining. Doing this
will cause a door to open to the south. Head there and go up the stairs onto
the icy floor, where you'll find a beetle enemy. It's kidna hard to defeat
while on ice.

Defeat it and you'll come to some raised blue blocks. Go north instead and
cross the icy bridge, where you'll find two Blue Bubbles. These are annoying,
because they freeze you if they touch you. On top of that, you're on a slippery
ground. Use the Boomerang on them to put out the blue flame surrounding them,
then kill them. Now, head left and cross the icy bridge, ignoring the two
switches for a moment. Defeat the Ice Keese using the Boomerang, then head
south and defeat another Ice Keese. There is a colored switch on a lowered
platform to the left. Take out a bomb and tap the switch to throw the bomb at
it, hitting it. Jump down and open the chest to the left, which contains a
Wisdom Gem. Head back to the levers you pulled and go south of them.

Take the stairs up again and go all the way left, crossing the icy bridge. Read
the tombstone by the tile and it will show you the order you have to hit the
four switches in. Stand on the tile in the center and take out the Boomerang,
then target the top-right switch first, the top-left switch second, the
bottom-left switch third, and the bottom-right switch last. Throw it after you
target them in this order, and once they've all been hit in that order, a key
will drop onto a ledge nearby. Use the Boomerang to get the Small Key, then
head right across the icy bridge again. Take the northern path now, then unlock
the door there and proceed into the next room. In here, go forward and the door
behind you will shut.

You have to fight two Yooks now; one black and one white. Defeat both of them
to open the door, then a chest will appear and some icicles over a gap will
melt. Open the chest to get the Grappling Hook. It has returned from Wind
Waker, folks! Equip it and head left to a torch, then you'll see a wooden pole
on the other side across from the torch. Face the platform to the left and take
out your Grappling Hook, then target the wooden pole and use it to grapple onto
it. Head south and continue to the next room. Head north and defeat all of the
enemies. See the heads with tongues? Two of them have red eyes with their
tongue pulled out, and the last one has its eyes black with their tongues
pulled back.

Go to the black-eyed one in the middle and head south of it, then face it. Use
the Grappling Hook on the tongue to pull it out, activating the statue (which
turns its eyes red). This causes some icicles to the south to melt. Head there
and use the Grappling Hook to spot a wooden pole to the south, along with a
beetle enemy. You can pull the beetles masks by simply grappling onto the masks
covering their heads. Grapple onto the wooden poll to cross the gap, then head
south and press the switch to open the door. You're back at the entrance of the
temple. Pull the tongues out of the nearby statues using the Grappling Hook,
then some icicles to the left will melt. Go there and take the stairs down to
the next room.

In here, you'll see a cracked wall to the right. Blow it up with a bomb, then
press the switch there to make a chest appear on the right, on a platform over
the gap. Use the Grappling Hook on the chest to grapple over to it, then open
it to get a Yellow Potion. Press the nearby switch to extend a bridge over the
gap, then follow the path right to some pots. Break them and you'll see a blue
tile by the wall. Place a bomb there to blow the wall up, then hit the gossip
stone ahead. It will say that the tightrope challenge is ahead, and will ask
you if you know what that is. If you say no, he'll say that you have to walk
across tightropes. To do that, you have to connect something between two pegs.
That "something" is the Grappling Hook.

Head left and target the pole near you and the pole to the left, using the
Grappling Hook. Throw it and a tightrope will be created. Tap on the pole to
jump on it, then move in the direction of the tightrope to walk on it. Jump off
of the next pole, then kill the Ice Keese from a distance with the Grappling
Hook. Place a bomb on the light blue tile to blow up the wall, revealing a
path. Go back across using the tightrope thing again, then head to the poles on
the right this time. Make a tightrope and walk across it, then use the
Grappling Hook on the lever to the north to pull it. This causes a chest to
appear in the southeastern corner. Head all the way to the northeastern corner
to find a statue with a tongue.

Stand all the way by the brown fence, then throw the Grappling Hook at the
statue to pull the tongue all the way back, causing some icicles to the south
to disappear for a short time. Head all the way south to where the chest
spawned, then go right and open the chest to get a Small Key. Push the block to
the right all the way up, then go right and press the switch. This will extend
a bridge that connects between the two platforms. Cross the bridge and go
north, then unlock the door. Open the chest inside to get a Wisdom Gem, then
stand outside of the two lowered blocks. Target the switch inside with the
Boomerang, then throw it to hit it, raising the blue blocks. Go back south and
then left, then create a tightrope and walk across it, jumping off at the end.

Create another tightrope to the left, then get on the pole and walk onto the
tightrope. Stop, and use the Boomerang to target the four switches surrounding
the platform in front of you. Throw it, and once you hit all four of them, the
ice by the eye on the wall will melt. Shoot the eye on the wall to melt some
icicles by a statue at the start of the room. Head left and jump off of the
pole, then take the southern path you created earlier and go west. Stand all
the way south of the statue, then use the Grappling Hook on it to pull out its
tongue out all the way. This causes a door at the northern end of the room to
open for a short time. Quickly head right and go up, then grapple to the pole
on the platform to the northwest.

Now, grapple to the one at the north, then to the one on the platform ahead. Go
right and grapple to the last pole, then go north before the door closes.
Ignore the big block and go right, taking the stairs down to the next room. In
here, head left and defeat the beetle enemy, then go north to two torches.
Grapple to the one across from the gap to pull yourself over, then go right and
the door behind you will shut. Defeat the Yook that appears, then head right
and a slime enemy will appear. Kill it and the door that shut will open back
up, and the icicles in front of you will melt, revealing a pole. Use the
Grappling Hook to create a tightrope between that pole and another one across
from you.

Walk across it and avoid the razor trap, then jump down and kill the Ice Keese.
Use the Grappling Hook on the pole in front of you and the one across from you.
Go across the tightrope and quickly jump down and defeat the Ice Keese. Go
forward and hit the gossip stone, which tells you that if you use new and
creative ways, you can leap further. Head left and use the Grappling Hook on
the two poles to make a small tightrope. Go around the left side of it and run
against the tightrope. Keep doing that, then release the stylus to launch
yourself over the gap to the platform. Defeat the Blue Bubble simply by using
the Grappling Hook, then go south and up the stairs. Stand in the middle of the
switches and use a spin attack to hit them all at once.

This causes a chest to appear behind some icicles, and a door also opens at the
entrance of the room. If you need supplies, break the nearby pots. Head south
of the switches and place a bomb by the wall to blow it up, revealing a path.
Follow the path south and jump down, then use the Grappling Hook to pull
yourself over to the torch to the south. Then, head all the way right and
follow the path. Defeat the beetle enemy and go north, then defeat the beetle
there as well. Go southeast and run up against the rocks, then defeat the Red
ChuChu with a stone helmet. Go to the torches to the left and aim down with the
Grappling Hook. Pull the mask off of the beetle using it, then use it again to
kill it.

Grapple the two torches in front of you to create a tightrope, then walk to the
north and walk against the tightrope. Release to launch yourself to the upper
platform, then grapple to the torch on the left and to the torch on the north.
Now, before jumping off, use the bow to shoot the eye on the wall to the north.
This will open the door left of the eye. Jump off and head right, then break
the pots and press the switch to extend a bridge, creating a shortcut. Go left
and follow the path north, then go right and you'll see two eyes. If you face
them, they close. Jump across to the platform in between the two eyes, then go
north and face down. The eyes will open again. Create a tightrope between the
two poles.

Face the tightrope and shoot an arrow at it, making the arrow bounce back at
one of the eyes. Keep doing this until you hit both of them, causing a chest to
appear to the left. Equip the Grappling Hook again, then tap the icon to
disconnect the tightrope. Jump back over to the left and open the chest to get
a Small Key. Go south and head right, then cross the extended bridge and head
south some more, then turn right. Unlock the door there, then follow the path
and the door behind you will shut. Defeat the Yook, then just use arrows to
defeat the two Ice Keese. This will make the door open, then a chest will
appear and another door will open. Open the chest for a big red Rupee, which is
worth 200.

Follow the path back left, then go down and right. You'll see wooden poles, one
on a platform to the south. Grapple to it, then defeat the Blue Bubble and jump
on the pole you just grappled to. Grapple to the next one to the north, jump on
it, then grapple to the last one. Finally, press the switch to make some ice
melt to the left. Jump north and go left, then follow the path down where the
icicles melted at. At the end of the icy path, you'll come to a switch. Press
it to melt the icicles blocking the chest that appeared awhile ago. Cross the
icy path again and head north, then all the way west to the chest. Open it to
get the Boss Key, then head right and north to the room we were at earlier. Go
left and tap the block to put the Boss Key in there, granting you access.

Read the tombstone by the stairs to create a blue portal, then take the stairs
up to the next room. In here, the door behind you will shut, then a dragon with
two heads will rise from the water. This is Gleeok, the Two-Headed Dragon. Read
the Bosses section for help on defeating him. Once you win, you'll get more
sand added to the Phantom Hourglass, then a chest appears and a bridge extends,
connecting to a door at the end of the room. Get the Heart Container from the
chest, then go up to the door and tap it to open it. Enter the next room. Walk
up to the altar in here and take the Azurine from the pedestal. Two down, one
more to go! Take the blue portal to exit the dungeon.



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