The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Isle of Frost

There are some strange creatures on this island. When you gain control, head
north and talk to the creature there. He says that they're called Anouki. He
says that the Island Chief might know where the Pure Metal is. Head all the way
north and enter the second house. Inside, speak with the Anouki, and he'll ask
if you've heard of the Yook that has invaded the village. Tell him you've heard
of it, and he'll accuse you of being the Yook. Tell him you're not, then leave
the house. Okay, what was that all about? Go back to where you talked to the
first Anouki, then go right and you'll get a letter from Gongoron. He'll say
that he's on an island in the Southeastern Sea, and wants you to pay him a
visit whenever you can. He also gives you a Courage Gem.

Now, go west and head up the stairs, then follow the path up to the Island
Chief's house. Go inside and speak with the chief, and he'll ask you to take
care of the Yook problem. Tell him "Hold on!" and Link will tell him his real
name, then he'll ask if you want to know about the Azurine. Tell him you do,
then he'll tell you the story of the Anouki and the Yooks. They made a deal
that the Anouki would live over at the western side of the island and that the
Yook would live on the eastern side, the Great Ice Field. But one Yook decided
to sneak into the western side of the island recently. He says that he even
kidnapped an Anouki and took the form of him to hide himself. You have to go to
the Anouki Estates now.

He says that every single Yook lies to you, so this gives you a clue. Exit the
house and when you're back outside, Ciela will say that she has a weird feeling
about the chief, like he's not telling us the truth. Go north of his house and
enter the next area, then head north to lots of buildings. This is the Anouki
Estates, where we need to be. The tombstones by the houses tell you who's house
it is. In each of the houses is an Anouki, and obviously one of them is a Yook
dressed up as an Anouki. Each one you talk to in one of the houses tells you
who they think is not lying. Talk to all six of them, and then you can talk to
one and say if you think he's the Yook or not. If you guess the wrong person,
you'll be called the Wrong Boy by all of the villagers.

In order for you to be able to retry, you have to talk to the Island Chief
again. Anyway, enter the middle house on the top row and talk to the Anouki.
This is really the Yook, so accuse him of being one twice and he'll turn into a
monster, which is what a Yook looks like. Ciela will get scared, and after she
gets threatened to be eaten, the Yook uses his ice breath to blow Link and
Ciela out of the house. Go back to the Island Chief's house now. On the way
back there, go to the mailbox. If you gave Jolene's letter to Joanne, you'll
have a letter from Joanne now. As a token of her appreciation, she gives you a
random ship part. Head back up the stairs near the mailbox and enter the Island
Chief's house again.

Speak with him, and he'll already know everything that happened. Regardless of
what you choose when he asks if you want revenge on that Yook, he'll say that
he'll open the cave to the east for you so you can get all of the revenge you
desire. He also says that the Azurine should be in the Temple of Ice, so we
should defenitely go there. Head all the way east of the Island Chief's house
and you'll come to a tombstone, which says that this path leads to the Great
Ice Field. Talk to the Anouki blocking your path and tell him you wish to pass,
then continue into the cave. Inside, go east and you'll find a tombstone. It
tells you about a Yook's weakness, although most of it has been erased. It says
something about inhaling and throwing... Hmm.

Continue to the end of the cave, then exit it over to the other side of the
island. Out here, you'll notice that there's a blizzard. The wind will blow
every few seconds, and in front of you there's a Yook. To defeat them, take out
a bomb and wait for them to start inhaling, then throw the bomb into their
mouth. This stuns them, so attack them with your sword from there. If you don't
have bombs, you can go all the way south to find two pots that have them, plus
there are pots in the cave that have them. There are also Bomb Flowers all the
way to the north that you can use. Anyway, go around this big area and defeat
all of the Yooks. After they're all defeated, some icicles will melt at the end
of the area. Head there and go to the next area.

Here, the wind will blow a bit longer. Go north and some icicles will block
your path, then the black Yook we blackmailed earlier will appear. Time to get
our revenge! Defeat him the same way you would any other Yook, and then the
icicles will melt. Enter the temple in front of you.



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