The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of the Ocean King

Enter the yellow portal to start from the half way mark. If you need a strategy
to get through the rooms again, scroll above until you get to the point where
you last visited the temple. Anyway, once you reach the room where you have to
place the three crystals in the three pedestals in the middle, you have to
place them in the pedestals in a certain order. The order is: square, circle,
triangle. Once you place them in that exact order, go through the door. In this
room, the room will shake, and Ciela will say that she just felt it moving
down. Head south back to the previous area, only to find out that you're in a
whole new room of the temple! Two Gold Phantoms will spawn. They have the same
speed as the blue ones, but they teleport if they see you.

There are also Phantom Eyes in this room. Stay on the safe zone and take out a
Bombchu, then draw a path to the right and down, through the hole. When you
can't draw the path down anymore, release the Bombchu. If you timed it right,
you'll kill one of the Phantom Eyes. Now, use a Bombchu to go through the same
hole again, this time hitting the crystal switch in the corner. This will lower
some spikes to the left, so head left and up the stairs to a big boulder. Go to
the top side of it and tap it, then push it down twice and it will roll all the
way down, killing the Gold Phantom patrolling the hallway. The Phantom will
have dropped a key, so head over there and take the Small Key. Head all the way
southeast to another hole.

Take out a Bombchu again and draw a path as far north as you can go, then
release it. If you're lucky, you'll kill the second Phantom Eye. Take out
another Bombchu and have it hit the switch in the corner through the hole this
time. This will cause some spikes to lower on the right side of the wall. Make
your way back up and to the right, then go all the way down past the spikes.
Hit the switch to deactivate the spikes, then go south and use the Boomerang to
break the golden jar, getting fifteen extra seconds. Go left and you'll see a
lighted part of the ground. Place a bomb there to blow up the wall, allowing
you to pass. Follow the path and head left at the path split. Stay on the safe
zone and wait until the last Phantom Eye gets near.

Once it does, throw the Boomerang at it to stun it, then kill it. With all
three Phantom Eyes defeated, a chest appears on an upper ledge, which we can't
get to yet. Head up and go around to the other side, then press the switch to
lower the spikes to the left. Go there and head all the way down, then turn
right. Break the golden pot for thirty extra seconds, then go back north and
around again, back down to the locked door. Unlock it and go to the next room.
This room has four Phantom Eyes and two Gold Phantoms. Stay on the safe zone
you're on, and wait until the bottom-right Phantom Eye gets near. Throw the
Boomerang at it to stun it, then run over there and kill it. Run back to the
safe zone, then head to the safe zone on the right when you can.

Ignore the stairs going down, as it leads to a part of a room we won't be able
to do anything in just yet. Throw the Boomerang at the top-right Phantom Eye
when you can, then kill it and break the red pot that was near it. Stand in the
safe zone puddle, then make your way over to the northeastern corner of the
room. On your way there, break the golden pot for an extra fifteen seconds. At
the northeastern corner of the room, pull the lever there. This causes a bridge
to extend on the upper platform. Make your way to the northwestern corner and
defeat the Phantom Eye, then pull that lever to make another bridge extend.
Break the golden pot for an extra fifteen seconds, then make your way to the
last Phantom Eye. Stun it and kill it.

With all four Phantom Eyes defeated, a chest appears at the top-right corner of
the room. Open it to get a Pearl Necklace, then go west and south. Dig at the
dirt patch there to reveal a wind gust, then ride it up and go right. The
tombstone says to press all four of the switches. Press the one in front of
you, then go all the way left and press that one. Jump down, and go back to the
safe zone in the middle-right part of the room. Stand there and take out a
Bombchu when the Gold Phantoms aren't nearby. Draw a path to the southeastern
corner of the room where a switch is. Target the switch and release the
Bombchu, then quickly go to the southwestern corner, to a dirt patch. Dig it up
and ride the wind gust up.

Run across the bridge to the left before it unextends, then press the switch
and press the last switch on the far right side. This will open the western
door in the middle of the room. Jump down and go to the door, then into the
next room. Here, pull the lever on the left to lower the spikes, then hit the
golden jar near the middle to get thirty extra seconds. There are two Phantom
Eyes in here, along with one Gold Phantom carrying a Force Gem. Head south and
hide by the wall, then throw the Boomerang at the Phantom Eye nearby. Run over
there and kill it, then head all the way north to a chest on a safe zone. Open
it to get the first Force Gem, then a blue Phantom will appear. Put down the
Force Gem and shoot the Phantom in the back with an arrow.

While he's stunned, quickly take the Force Gem and go to the middle-top part of
the room, making sure that the Gold Phantom doesn't see you at all. Place the
Force Gem into the pedestal, then go south. From this point on, those ghostly
things that steal your seconds will start sneaking up behind you, so watch out
very carefully. Head southeast and stun and kill the second Phantom Eye, then
go north and open the chest at the top. It contains the second Force Gem. Then,
a Swift Phantom will appear. If you break the red pot at the top-right, you can
hide in the puddle. Make your way to the three pedestals and place the Force
Gem in it. For the last one, shoot the Gold Phantom in the back with an arrow
and he'll drop it. Pick it up and take it to the last pedestal, then put it in.

Doing this will cause the door in front of you to open. Go forward and take the
stairs down to the next room. Rest easy; that's the end of it for now. Head
down the stairs and open the chest in the middle to get the Northeastern Sea
Chart. This reveals the final location of the sea on your Sea Chart. Take the
blue portal in the northwestern corner of the room back to the entrance, then
exit the temple.



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