The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Goron Island

Let's do as Gongoron suggested and go see his father again, shall we? Head left
and cross the bridges down to the village area. Now, make your way east and to
the next area, then cross the bridge there and go right, then up. Enter
Biggoron's place, then talk to him. He will thank you for all of your hard
efforts, then he will give you a big red Rupee worth 200 as a parting gift. Not
bad! Leave the cave and go back to your ship, then talk to Linebeck. Tell him
you're ready to go find the next Pure Metal, and you'll set sail.

The Sea

Set a course back to the Southwestern Sea. Before we go back to Mercay Island,
set your course for the Northwestern Sea, then for Bannan Island.



Side Quests

Item List