The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Goron Temple

There are no signs of Gongoron anywhere when you enter the temple, so let's
press forward and see if we can find him. Read the tombstone nearby and it will
tell you to avoid standing in the quicksand. So let's do that. Head right and
follow the path. Avoid the two Beamos and defeat the two Blue ChuChus, then
you'll see a switch on the floor. To the left of it is a statue. Push that
statue onto the green tiles until it is on the one on the far right, then pull
it down until it is on the switch. This will make some spikes to the north
lower. Continue following the path and defeat the Blue ChuChu you'll come to.
Head west and you'll find a statue, and it will come to life when you approach
it. Throw a bomb at it to return it to normal.

Push it all the way onto the switch to the north, then a gate will open up to
the right. Head there and follow the path up, then defeat the Armos statue.
Push it onto the switch to the left and a bridge will extend to the north. Head
up and dig out the dirt patch to reveal a wind gust. Ride it up, then go left
and stand by the bridge. Take out a bomb and tap the wall north of the bridge.
You should hit a switch, causing a chest to appear over to the right. Quickly
run over there before it disappears, then open it to get a Treasure Map. Now,
go left and cross the bridge, then jump down. Defeat the two Armos statues,
then the gate in front of you will open. Head south and press the switch to
lower the spikes in front of you, then go left.

Defeat the Blue ChuChu, then blow up the crack in the wall and go to the next
room. In this room, you'll see a pit of quicksand, meaning you can't cross to
the other side. You can get free bombs by breaking the nut here, but exit this
area regardless. Go east and place a bomb in between the first two pillars to
reveal another hole. Go through, and you'll be on the other side now. Follow
the path leading to the next room. In here, the door behind you will shut, and
you will now have to defeat two Red Bubbles. There are also two Beamos, along
with pits of quicksand. This part can get annoying. Head left over to the
spikes and away from the two Beamos, then throw the Boomerang at the Red
Bubbles when they get near. Finish them off when you put out their flames.

After that, the door will open and the spikes will lower. Follow the path down
and then right, and just keep following the path until eventually, you'll spot
Gongoron on the other side of the room. He'll tell you that the monsters threw
him in the temple, and he'll ask for your help. Accept it, and he'll apologize
for his behavior earlier. Suddenly, an enemy with a single eye will appear
behind Link, which I will refer to as an Eyegore. He'll knock you back if you
try to attack him, and if you throw a bomb at him, he'll just hit it back as
well. Shoot an arrow at him and it will hit his eye, stunning him. Then, attack
him with your sword many times. Repeat this process until the Eyegore is
defeated, then some spikes on the right side will lower.

Go right and Gongoron will thank you for defeating the monster. Ciela points
out that her and Link have reached a dead end, then Gongoron says that with his
help, the spikes blocking our way will be removed. He then explains that when
you want to switch to him (we get to play as a Goron? Awesome!), tap his icon
on the Touch Screen, and vice versa when you want to switch back to Link.
Switch to Gongoron now. To control him, just tap the direction you want to go
in and he'll roll. Roll to the south and through the rocks. Some of them he'll
hit his head on, which are really Red ChuChus with stone helmets. Tap them to
jump on them. Do this a few times to kill them. Once they're all dead, the
spikes on Link's side will lower.

Switch back to Link and head south. Defeat the Like Like here, then go a little
further south to find another one. Defeat it as well, and once both of them are
gone, some spikes over a cliff on Gongoron's side will lower. Press the switch
nearby on the ground and stay on it. Switch to Gongoron, then roll southwest
and over the pit. With Link on the other switch, have Gongoron step on the
second switch. This will cause a chest to appear on Link's side, so switch back
to him and go north, then open the chest to get some Bombchus! You can only
carry 10 right now. Ciela says that the Bombchu will follow whatever path you
draw. They're basically rat-shaped bombs that follow the path you desire.
Awesome, right?

Some spikes will now lower on Gongoron's side. Switch to him and roll south,
following the path. Roll over the enemies as you go along. Once all of them
have been taken care of, a gate opens on Link's side. Switch to him and jump
off the left side of the platform you got the Bombchus on, then follow the path
southwest to the gate that just opened. Defeat all of the enemies here, and a
chest will appear. Open it to get a Goron Amber, then some spikes behind a wall
will lower. Go up to the hole in the wall, then equip your Bombchus and take
one out. Draw a path on the Touch Screen through the hole, then down the path
to a switch. Look on the top screen to see the exact path. When the red cursor
is directly over the switch, end your path and release the Bombchu.

Watch as this awesome item does exactly what you tell it to do, hitting the
switch behind the wall. This lowers some spikes to the left. Gongoron will say
that he sees a hole that he can squeeze through, then he does so. We can't
control him anymore. Ciela will try to stop him, but he won't hear her. Go west
and take the stairs up to the next room. In here, go south and defeat the Blue
ChuChu, then take out a Bombchu. Draw a path through the hole and to a switch,
then release it and it will hit the switch. This causes a bridge to extend to
the right, creating another shortcut from the main room. Now, head back to the
previous room and head down the stairs to B2. In this room, head right and
defeat the Like Like, then lift the rock to reveal a hole.

Go north and turn right, then get rid of the rocks and defeat the Red ChuChus
wearing a stone helmet. There is a switch there, but the one behind the wall
and the one in front of you both must be hit simultaneously. Stay by the switch
and take out a Bombchu. Draw a path down and through the two holes, and target
the switch. Release it and tap the screen anywhere to gain control while the
Bombchu is moving. Just before the Bombchu hits the switch behind the wall, hit
the switch on Link's side. This will cause some spikes on the left to lower.
Follow the path and enter the next room. In here, follow the path and defeat
the pitchfork enemies. There are some flying pots that will attack you; defeat
those too, and once you defeat all of the enemies, a chest appears.

Open it to get a Red Rupee, then go north to a Bombchu hole. As you can see on
the map, there are red and blue blocks sticking out of the quicksand behind the
wall. Go left to a red switch. Hit it to lower the red blocks and raise the
blue ones, then stay where you're at and take out a Bombchu. Draw a path going
through the hole and to the switch, then release it. When it passes over the
red blocks, quickly hit the blue switch to turn it red again, allowing the
Bombchu to complete its path and hit the switch behind the wall. This will
cause some spikes to the north to lower. Head there and follow the path, then
you'll see an Armos statue that will come to life. To the south is another one.
Defeat both of them, then push each one onto the two switches.

There are two more Armos statues to the right, along with two more switches.
Defeat them and push them onto the switches, and when all four are pressed,
spikes to the right will lower. Follow that path and avoid the flying pots,
then enter the next room. Here, go left and press the switch to extend a bridge
which makes a shortcut. Go right and the door behind you will shut, then you'll
have to fight two Eyegores. Both of them will throw bombs at you constantly, so
quickly shoot in arrow into the both of them and attack one at a time. Once you
defeat the first one, the second one should be easy enough. Once both of them
are gone, the door that was shut will open, and some spikes at the top-left
will lower.

Follow that path and ignore the switch for a moment. Go right and defeat all of
the Blue ChuChus that appear, then defeat the slime enemy. Go north and another
Blue ChuChu and slime will appear. Kill them both and go by the spikes to the
left. Take out a Bombchu and draw a path over to the switch you saw earlier.
Release it and when it hits the switch, the spikes in front of you will lower
for a very short time. Follow that path before they reactivate and hit the
gossip stones. It says that when it seems you can't pass, look at the quicksand
for answers. Follow the path to a green tile, then look at the quicksand to the
left. Use the bow to take out as many of those enemies as you can, then use a
Bombchu and draw a path to the top-left corner, where a switch is.

Have the Bombchu hit the switch while avoiding the rocks, then do the same for
the switch on the bottom-left. This will make a chest appear in this room. Go
back north to the gossip stone, then face south and have a Bombchu go across
the quicksand, hitting the switch on the other side. Quickly go past the
lowered spikes, then make your way down to the chest. Open it to receive the
Boss Key, then carry it all the way south and take the stairs down. In here, go
left and use the Boss Key on the block. It will lower, allowing you access to
another path. Follow the path and take the stairs down to the next room. Here,
go left and break the pots, then break the nuts for some Bombchus. You'll need
them. Go left some more and examine the tombstone to create a blue portal.

Enter the next room. The gate behind you will shut, then you'll see the boss
called Dondorongo, the Armored Lizard over the quicksand. See the Bosses
section for help on winning. Once it's been defeated, he'll turn into sand as
usual, then the Sand of Hours will be added to the Phantom Hourglass. The door
Gongoron went through will open again, and the bridge over the quicksand will
reappear. Open the chest that appeared to get the Heart Container, then go to
the room ahead. Inside, Gongoron will apologize for leaving, saying that he
only left you behind because he thought that the Dondorongo was dead. He then
lets you have the Pure Metal sitting on the altar ahead. Walk up to it and tap
it to grab it. You got the first Pure Metal, the Crimsonine! Two more to go.
After the conversation, take the blue portal out of this place.



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