The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Goron Island

When you arrive on the island, Ciela will say that there's no sign of any
houses on the map. She thinks a Pure Metal might be on here, and after her and
Linebeck argue some like they always do, you'll gain control. The building at
the southwestern corner is the shop, the only building on this island aside
from the temple at the top. Head around the island and enter the caves,
talking to the Gorons if you wish. Make your way up the mountain on this island
and head all the way right, to the next area. Here, you'll see a sign and a
Goron on a small platform. Read the sign and it will tell you to give a shout
if you need anything. You know what that means. Shout into the mic or blow into
it really hard, then the Goron will hear you.

He will press a switch to extend a bridge, letting you pass (why he's letting a
random outsider pass to explore their whole island is beyond me). Cross the
bridge and follow the path east, then go north. Follow the black trail into a
cave, where you'll find the Goron leader, called Biggoron. Talk to him, and he
will say that he has no intentions of telling an outsider about the Pure Metal.
You must become a member of the Goron tribe before he'll tell you anything, and
to do that, you have to talk to each and every Goron around the island. Go
around the island and talk to all of the Gorons you can find. One kid Goron
will ask you to take care of some monsters on a cliff. Dig up the dirt patch
nearby and ride the wind gust revealed up.

Then, aim down with the bow and shoot the Yellow ChuChus (hit the respawning
nut if you need arrows). Once they're all dead, the Goron will give you a
Treasure Map as thanks. Continue talking to the Gorons, and once you've talked
to them all, return to Biggoron (Ciela will tell you once you'be talked to all
of them). Talk to Biggoron, and he'll say that to prove that you really want to
join the Goron tribe, you have to answer some questions for 20 Rupees. What a
greedy tribe. He'll ask six questions and give you some cash for every question
you get right. If you get even one wrong, however, he'll take all of the cash
you won away! He'll let you use a Gorohint as well, which erases one wrong
answer, making it easier to get the question right. Here are the questions he
could ask you:

#1 - How many houses are there on this island?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7

Answer: B

#2 - How many Gorons live on this island?

A. 12
B. 13
C. 14

Answer: C

#3 - The Goron at this spot! *points to a spot on the map* What is he staring

A. Ship
B. Seagull
C. Sun

Answer: A

#4 - How many Goron children live on this island?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6

Answer: C

#5 - How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy!

A. 36
B. 46
C. 56

Answer: B

#6 - Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5

Answer: B

#7 - Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?!

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5

Answer: B

#8 - *points to a location* What is on this spot?

A. Rock
B. Tree
C. Chest

Answer: C

#9 - What color were the odd creatures on the cliff?

A. Yellow
B. Red
C. Green

Answer: A

#10 - How many Gorons are outside right now?

A. 7
B. 6
C. 5

Answer: A

#11 - *points to a location* How many rocks are in this home?

A. 3
B. 4
C. None

Answer: A

Once you answer six of the eleven questions correctly, you'll officially be a
member of the Goron tribe, and he'll give you the nickname "Goro-Link". Now he
wants you to pay him 146 Rupees. Wow, he really IS greedy. Pay up, and then
he'll tell you that the Pure Metal is kept in the temple on this island for
safekeeping. He will get his Goron child, Gongoron, to show you the way to the
temple. Talk to the Goron child, and you'll see that he still has some trust
issues with you. He wants you to chase him down, so leave the cave. Back
outside, head south and down the sets of steps, then talk to the Goron there.
He'll say that Gongoron went to the western side of the island. Head there, and
eventually you'll find him standing on a cliff.

He'll run away again, so go back to the Goron you just spoke to and speak with
him again. He'll say that Gongoron went east this time. Head up the first set
of steps to the north, then go east and you'll find him again. He'll go past
the gate in the direction of the temple. The gatekeeper will let you pass, so
head north and to the next area. In this area, follow the path to a maze full
of bombable walls. Ciela said that we have to get through here in order to find
Gongoron. Nearby is a Bomb Flower. Lift a bomb from it so you don't have to
waste your own bombs, and place it by the crack on the left to blow it up.
Follow the path and you'll find a Blue ChuChu. These are just like the yellow
ones, only the electric around them never disappears on its own.

You have to stun them with the Boomerang, then attack. Head left to some rocks,
one being a Red ChuChu wearing a stone helmet. At the end of the path, press
the switch and some spikes will lower on the other side, granting you access to
a chest which we'll get in a moment. Head back all the way to the right and
blow up the crack on the right this time. You'll have to blow up a second one.
Do so and blow up the one in front of you if you want another Bomb Flower.
Either way, head left and defeat the Red ChuChu that's wearing a stone helmet,
then bomb the crack there and continue to two more rocks. Another Red ChuChu
with a stone helmet will appear. Defeat it and you'll come to a Blue ChuChu.
Defeat that, too, then go all the way left to the next area.

Open the chest at the end here to get a big green Rupee worth 100, then leave
this area the way you came. Back here, go east and place a bomb by the weird
symbol on the ground on the opposite side of the wall. You'll blow it up,
revealing more of the path. Keep following the path to the next area. Here, go
all the way south and turn right back to the previous area. Open the chest here
to get a Power Gem, then go back to the previous area. Head west and down the
steps, then you'll encounter a Like Like by some spikes. If this thing sucks
you up, rub the Touch Screen repeatedly to escape its mouth. Attack it until
you kill it, then the spikes will lower. Head left and go up, then you'll
notice the temple. Press the switch on the left to extend a bridge, then enter
the temple.



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