The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Mercay Island

Make your way back to your ship. On the way back, you'll get a letter from
Romanos. He will tell you to stop by sometime, then give you a Stone Chimney.
Go to the Shipyard (the house slightly north of the mailbox, if you somehow
can't remember) and attach it, then go back to Linebeck. Tell him that you're
ready to set sail.

The Sea

Sail directly east and to the Southeastern Sea. Once there, sail to the nearby
island, called Goron Island. As you approach it, however, a cyclone sucks you
up and throws you away from the island. Then, Linebeck says the engine is
stuck, then a monster with many eyes appears. To defeat it, you have to shoot
the eyes surrounding his body. Linebeck will steer the ship while you shoot the
eyes. Shoot the yellow orbs and white objects the monster throws at you, and
after all the eyes are shut (keep shooting them), the monster will die, then
you'll continue to Goron Island.



Side Quests

Item List