The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of the Ocean King

Proceed north and into the first room. From here on, simply make your way back
to the room where the red door is (the door that you had to draw an hourglass
on). On your way there, however, you'll see red Phantoms. They're really known
as Swift Phantoms, and as the name implies, they are faster than the normal
blue ones. Other than that, however, there's no difference. Once you get to the
red door room, head south and deactivate the wind gust by pressing the switch,
then tap the door. This time around, you'll have to draw the Triforce symbol on
the door. Just like with the hourglass, you have to do it in one stroke. Here
is how to do it:

Step 1:    /

Step 2:    /

Step 3:    /
       / \
      /   \
     /     \

Step 4:    /
       / \
      /   \
     /     \

Step 5:    /
       / \      /
      /   \    /
     /     \  /

Step 6:    /
       / \      /
      /   \    /
     /     \  /

Step 7:    /  \
          /    \
         /      \
       / \      / \
      /   \    /   \
     /     \  /     \

Once you've drawn it just like that in the steps I've shown, the crest will
appear on the door and it will open. Take note that you HAVE to visit Zauz
first before this will work. Once the door opens, go through. The room is
completely different now. Ciela notices the Door of Courage, and tells you to
open it. However, she notices a pile of bones, which creates a yellow portal
for you. What does this do, you ask? It acts as a half way point for the
temple! Step into it to be returned to the dungeon, and step into it again to
be teleported back. You can only return with the same amount of time you got
here with the first time, and you'll have to go through the other floors again
if you want to improve your time.

You don't have to try it as the pile of bones suggests if you don't want to. Go
north and tap the Door of Courage to open it, then proceed into the next room.
In here, get on the moving block and get on the next one you come to. Face the
left, because the walls will shoot arrows at you and you'll block them with
your shield. Get onto the next moving block, and when it goes up, go left. When
you run, you'll hear a beeping noise on this watery ground. The pile of bones
next to you explains that it doesn't happen when you walk, and Ciela says that
nearby Phantoms will hear us if we run. Walking doesn't attract attention, so
you'll have to walk on the watery ground when Phantoms are nearby. Head all the
way south and take the stairs down to the next room.

In this room, wait until the nearby Swift Phantom is on the left side, then go
right and up. The middle of the cliff has an invisible path. Head right and
cross over it, then enter the next room. Here, look to the right to find a
Phantom. When he faces the right, shoot his back with an arrow to temporarily
stun him. Go to where he is and hit the switch, then a wall of flames will
disappear. Head around the side where the Swift Phantom isn't going, then go to
where the flame wall was. Quickly get on the moving block, then block the
arrows shot at you. Get on the next moving block, then head left when you can.
Open the chest for the round-shaped crystal, then another wall of flames will
disappear. Head right when the moving block comes back, then get onto the safe
zone there.

Place the crystal down and tap on the wooden pole to jump on it. Take out your
Boomerang and target the switch to the southeast, then hit it. This will make a
chest appear to the south. Tap the ground to jump off the pole, then make your
way to the chest and open it for a Power Gem. Go back to the safe zone where
the crystal is and pick it up, then go south again. Make your way south and
take those stairs down. Back in this room, head across the invisible path in
the middle again, then make your way north and turn east where the path splits.
Place the round-shaped crystal into the pedestal and the spikes in front of you
will lower. Take that path and step on the switch to make a wind gust shoot out
from a hole.

Head up the stairs to the left, then go around and stop at the edge of the
platform. Take out the Boomerang and target the golden pot to the south, then
throw it to break it and get thirty extra seconds. Jump down and take the
round-shaped crystal out of the pedestal, then head south and turn right. Ride
the wind gust up and go north, then drop down to the stairs and go down them.
Here, go south and Ciela will say that we're almost there. Place the round
crystal down and open the chest to get the triangle crystal. As you go to
leave the room, Ciela will notice a square pedestal behind the wall of fire.
So, leave the room now. Back here, head up the stairs and go south, then jump
down. Cross the invisible path again, with the triangle crystal still in hand.

Make your way north and break the red pot you'll come to. Around this area is a
Swift Phantom that's patrolling. When he moves either all the way to the top
corner or all the way down, quickly head left and head south, hiding by the
spikes. Wait until he's out of your range again, then place the crystal down
and go north. Bomb the cracked block to reveal a triangle pedestal. If you put
a crystal down near a Phantom, he will take it upon passing over it. If this
happens, shoot the Phantom in the back with an arrow and he'll drop it. Anyway,
put the triangle crystal in the pedestal and the spikes to the south will
lower. Head south and go right, then hit the switch to open a door to the
north. Take the crystal out of the pedestal and go right, and to the next room.

Don't worry, we're almost done. Go forward and the pile of bones there will
talk about the sand in the hourglass running out. Look on the map. See the four
skulls? Well, those are kinda like Poes. When your back is turned to them,
they'll appear. If they hit you, they'll steal some of your time. To defeat
them easily, just face them directly and throw a Boomerang at the skull on the
map. They're invisible, but you'll still hit them this way. You get extra time
for defeating them. Put the triangle crystal down for now and kill the two
time-stealing enemies nearby. As you can see by looking on the map, the Swift
Phantom in here has a square crystal. Walk behind him and shoot an arrow in his
back, and he'll drop it.

Before you do that, however, kill all of the time-stealing enemies and a chest
will appear. Open it for a Wisdom Gem. Get the square crystal from the Swift
Phantom, then make your way to the northwestern corner. Place the crystal into
the pedestal to make the fire disappear, then take the round crystal and bring
it to the middle-top part of the room. Place it into the round-shaped pedestal,
then take the square crystal and bring it to the same location. Place it in its
pedestal, and finally, bring the triangle crystal here and place it in there.
This will cause the door in front of you to open, so go through. In here, head
up the stairs and open the chest to get the Southeastern Sea Chart. Now that we
got the chart, take the blue portal back to the entrance.

A pile of bones will talk to Link. He says that it will cost a price, but if
you want to get tips on the temple, just ask any of the pile of bones here.
Okay, whatever. Exit the temple.



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