The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Mercay Island

Head west and cross the bridge, then go directly north and enter the building
there. Inside, open the chest in the corner to get a ship part. Now, speak with
the pirate man. If your Salvage Arm is damaged any, he'll offer to fix it for
20 Rupees. If you do that, talk to him again and you will get the option to
customize or view your ship. Choose Customize, then attach the ship parts you
got earlier. Now, leave the building and head to the mailbox. New letter! It's
from Linebeck...? Why could this be? He thanks you for all of your work (for
once, he's not being selfish), and ends up giving you a Utility Handrail. Now,
remember how that one gossip stone on Molida Island said there was a secret by
Oshus's storehouse?

It's time to find out what that secret is. Head west and cross the bridge to
the next area, where Oshus's house is. Head east of his house and you'll find
the storehouse you entered at the beginning of the game. Don't go in there,
however. Right next to the storehouse is a tree. Dig there and you'll uncover a
Treasure Map. Now we can go to the Temple of the Ocean King, so haul your butt
over there. On the way there, someone will call you. Talk to him and he'll ask
you if you've met the golden frog chief. Tell him you have, then continue to
the temple. As you approach it, you'll hear an earthquake which Ciela thinks is
caused by Bellum. _Now_ you can enter.



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