The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Uncharted Island

This island has no official name. As Linebeck will point out, there's no map
either. Very odd. Linebeck suggests going to the middle of the island and see
if you can find anything out. Go there to find a gossip stone, then hit it. It
tells you that there's a Golden Chief who can harness the power of sea
cyclones. However, you can't enter his chamber until you hit the gossip stones
around this island in a certain order, and he'll give you a riddle to figure
out the order. The riddle is: "It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And
third, it paddles, then sees a way!" With this information, go back to
Linebeck and talk to him. He suggests walking around the whole island and
drawing a map as you go along, which you'll have to do.

Walk around the edges of the whole island and draw a map. When you explore the
whole island, your map should be complete. As you can see, it perfectly
resembles a whale, the key to solving the riddle. So, head to the northeastern
corner and hit the gossip stone there, on the rudder. Go to the northwestern
end next and hit the gossip stone on the left where the spray is. For the next
one, head all the way south and go east of your ship. On the plateau there is
another gossip stone, which you must hit. Finally, go north of your ship and
hit the last gossip stone, by the water. With all of them hit in this order, a
bridge will extend, connecting to the cave leading to the Golden Chief. Cross
the bridge and enter the cave.

Inside, head down the steps and go forward to the next room. In here, go up and
you'll meet the Golden Chief, Cyclos (remember him, Wind Waker fans?). After
some of the talking, he gives you the Cyclone Slate. He says that if you draw
certain symbols on the slate, you'll warp to different locations of the sea via
cyclones. He will say that his golden minions throughout the sea (six of them
in all) will tell you what symbols to draw. I'm sure you've seen golden shiny
frogs leap out of the water in random places of the sea. If you hit these with
with your cannonballs now, they'll give you a symbol that you can draw to warp
to that area. Make your way off the island.

The Sea

Time to move on with the main quest. Set a course for the Southwestern Sea now,
then set a course for Mercay Island.



Side Quests

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