The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Zauz's Island

As you dock at the island, you'll get a letter from Jolene. The postman has
delivered the letter to the wrong person; this is for Joanne, her sister. Oh
well; at least she sounds familiar. Remember the mermaid? The postman will ask
you to deliver the letter to her yourself, then give it to you. We'll do that
later on. For now, enter the only building on this island, where you'll find
Zauz the blacksmith. He tells you that you'll need the Phantom Sword to defeat
Bellum, and that it is the only sword that can slay him (isn't there always a
legendary sword you need to get in pretty much every Zelda game?). After Ciela
gripes about him not being able to make the sword, he says you'll need three
stones: Aquanine, Azurine, and Crimsonine. They're called Pure Metals.

Ciela asks where to find them, and he says that you'll need to visit three
tribes that know where they're located. However, to reach the islands we need
to go to, we have to dive deeper into the Temple of the Ocean King and get
another Sea Chart. Just great; back to the annoying dungeon for us. He says
that if you draw the symbol on his wall on the red door, the door will open a
new path. Examine the map on the wall, then go to Linebeck and set sail after
he gripes some more.

The Sea

Set your course east of the Isle of Gust. As you go there, you'll spot a new
island. Ciela marks it on your map, so set your course there.



Side Quests

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