The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Ghost Ship

Upon arriving, Linebeck will also be on board. He doesn't want to admit it, but
he's frightened, as you can tell. After Ciela throws a few insults at him, he
will stay behind and tell you to go and find Tetra. So, head to the middle and
go left to the next room. In here, go left and the door behind you will shut,
then you'll have to fight three ghost enemies. They'll disappear if you try to
attack them directly, so wait until they first appear, then quickly strike.
Once they're defeated, the door will open and some blue flames will disappear.
Head left and you'll find a girl. Talk to her, and she'll ask if you're Link.
Tell her you are, and she'll say that she's the youngest daughter of the house
of Cubus. She says that she and her sisters all got kidnapped on this ship.

Tell her you'll help her find them, then she'll tell you that they've probably
been kidnapped by Reaplings. When she's finished talking, head right and Ciela
will say that Tetra must be locked up somewhere, too. She thinks that if we
find the other three girls, they might know where Tetra is. Head north and go
right to some spikes. To the north is a switch with some barrels blocking it.
Stand by the spikes, and draw a path with the Boomerang in between the barrel
and the spikes, then target the switch and throw it. If you did it right, you
will hit the switch, lowering the spikes beside you. Head right and avoid the
fire snake, then defeat the ghost enemy. Continue right and follow the path,
defeating the enemies along the way.

You will come to a switch in a corner. Hit it and the spikes to the south will
be deactivated, so continue following the path and you'll come to a wall of
flames, along with a nearby block pedestal. Head back down and jump across to
the right to get past the wall of flames. Head all the way south and east, then
go north to a switch. Hit it to lower some spikes near you, then open the chest
by the lowered spikes to get the triangle crystal. Head north and you'll find
one of the sisters. Talk to her, and she'll tell you that she's the third
sister. Don't worry, we'll soon find the second one. She'll ask you to take her
back to the other sister you found, so head south and then west with the
triangle crystal in hand.

Keep going west and jump across to the platform, then go north and place the
crystal in the triangle-shaped pedestal. This causes the wall of flames to
disappear, allowing the girl to be able to pass. Go south and talk to her, then
she'll say that whenever she panics like that, talk to her again to get her
moving. Head back to the left (walk across this time instead of jumping across,
so that the girl will keep following you), and you'll come to a spider. The
girls are extremely afraid of spiders, so they'll panic whenever they see one.
Kill it and talk to her to get her following you again. From now on, I won't
mention where the spiders are; just kill them and talk to the girl following
you again.

Anyway, continue going west and make your way back to the first sister. When
you bring the sister following you back to the first one, they'll tell you to
go find the last two. Head back towards where you found the previous sister,
then take the southern stairs there down into the next room. You're on a safe
zone. Go right and a ghostly figure will appear, and Ciela says that it's
probably a Reapling. Follow the path and go past the spikes. Avoid detection
from the Reapling, or else you'll have to quickly run to a safe zone. Make your
way around the room until you reach the next girl. Hit the switch in front of
her to lower some spikes, granting you access to two chests. Talk to the girl
and she'll want you to take her back to her sisters. Unfortunately, she doesn't
know where Tetra is either.

Go right and she'll tell you that there is good treasure. She shows you on the
map where it's at, which is over to the right where the spikes just lowered.
She tells you to pick the one on the left, but something seems suspicious about
her. Don't do it; it contains 10 Rupoor. Rupoor are black Rupees, and instead
of giving you Rupees, you lose them! This also makes another Reapling appear.
Open the chest on the right instead to get a Yellow Potion, then make your way
right and south. Open the chest you'll find to get a round-shaped crystal. Keep
going south, then turn right and go up the stairs. Back here, go north and
place the crystal into the pedestal, making the flames to the left disappear.
Go left and jump to the chest in the corner, which contains a Pearl Necklace.

After getting it, take the sister following you back to her other two sisters.
Once they reunite, head back all the way right and enter the room you just
exited from. Back here, make your way over to the left side of the room, then
take the stairs down to another room. In here, go right and you'll see some
levers you have to pull in a certain order. We'll get to that in a minute.
Defeat the ghost enemy, then read the two signs. They tell you about a steel
drum storage. Head right and the door behind you will shut, then you'll have to
kill a few spiders. Do so, then the door will open and some flames to the north
will disappear. Head north and ignore the switch to the left. Hitting it makes
some spikes lower, but it also makes a Reapling appear! You can't take the path
where the spikes lowered, anyway, because it's a trap.

Head north and go left, then read the tombstone. It tells you the order that
the levers have to be pulled in: 2, 4, 5, 1, and 3. However, it's not like you
think it is; you don't just pull the levers in that exact order. It's tricking
you; you actually have to pull 1 first, 2 second, and so on. The way the
numbers are positioned represents the positions of the levers. Get it? So, go
all the way south and pull the second-to-last lever on the right first, the
first one on the left second, the last one on the right third, the second one
on the left fourth, and finally, the middle one last. This will lower some
spikes to the north. Go there and lift all of the barrels, then you'll find a
switch that was hidden in the barrel maze.

Press it to make some flames lower at the northwestern side of the room. Go
there and head north. Lift the shaking barrel to uncover the last girl, then
talk to her. She says that she's the eldest of the sisters of the house of
Cubus, then she asks you to take her back to her other sisters. Head south, and
the girl will tell you that the Reaplings get angry when you shoot them in the
back. She tells you not to do it, but this actually stuns them, allowing you to
pass freely. Make your way out of this room, then in the previous room, go all
the way right and head up the stairs. Back at the main room, make your way to
the other three sisters. Will all four sisters reunited, they'll go on about
how the Reaplings should've scared you to death.

They then take you to the deck of the ship, where they say you'll have to play
a game of death's volley. I _knew_ something was up with them. They'll turn
into Poes and you'll have to fight the Diabolical Cubus Sisters. Refer to the
Bosses section for help. Once they're defeated, the remaining one will attempt
to scare Link, then she'll die and drop a key. Pick it up; it's the Ghost Key.
Then, open the chest that appears to get the Heart Container. Take the blue
portal to get back to the main room. Head all the way right and take those
stairs down again. In here, go to the block on the map and tap it. The Ghost
Key will unlock it, so head north to the next room. In here, Link will spot
Tetra. However, she has been turned to stone!

Linebeck suddenly enters and asks if Link found treasure, then Ciela tells him
about Tetra. Suddenly, Oshus also enters the room and explains everything. He
explains who he really is, along with who caused all of this. The evil creature
we're hunting after now is called Bellum, but I won't spoil any more than that.
Oshus will eventually tell you that you need to visit Zauz. Eventually you will
appear back out at sea in Linebeck's ship, in the engine room with Tetra.

The Sea

At the engine room, talk to Linebeck. He says that we should go visit Zauz so
we can figure out how to slay Bellum, and apparently he lives on an island just
north of the Isle of Gust. Sail to the middle-northern part of the Northwestern
Sea, and when you see an island in the distance, Ciela will mark it as a new
island on your Sea Chart. Set a course for it.



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