The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Molida Island

Now that we have all four of the spirits, we can find the Ghost Ship! Make your
way back into the cave, and once inside, head south and turn right. Jump off
the ledge and make your way out of the cave. Back outside, go west and you'll
get a letter from the Old Wayfarer. He gives you a random ship part. Go back to
your ship, and Oshus will be there with Linebeck. Oshus explains that Ciela is
actually a spirit, and that the other fairy spirits you've rescued are part of
her lost power. Then, he asks for Link to take out the Spirit of Courage. He
does so, and then you'll see a scene where both of them combine, creating a
yellow Ciela. Leaf and Neri then come out, and Ciela hears Tetra's voice. She's
the true Spirit of Courage, as Oshus explains.

Ciela says that she can feel the Ghost Ship out there somewhere, and Oshus
suggests heading there. Linebeck wonders how he knows all of this, but he's
still reluctant to tell anybody. After the scene, Link and Linebeck set sail
with the three spirits.

The Sea

Linebeck says that when we first found the Ghost Ship, it was hidden in deep
fog. He suggests looking for the deepest fog you can find, and maybe we'll find
the Ghost Ship there. Set your course anywhere, and the moment you go to sail,
you'll see a ship in the distance. A girl is on it, and she obviously knows who
Linebeck is because she shouted his name. Linebeck says that now is not the
time for a story, and to run away any time you see her. Have the ship jump over
the torpedoes. Let her catch you this one time, then you'll go into the engine
room. Head down and Jolene will appear, then she'll fight you since Link won't
tell her where Linebeck is. To defeat her, wait until she pulls her sword back,
then run away. When she dashes, attack her.

Keep this up and eventually you'll be prompted to rub the Touch Screen back and
forth. Do so and you'll knock out her sword, and then she'll leave. From this
point on, you'll see an icon of Jolene at random parts of the sea. If she
catches you, you'll have to fight her again, so avoid her at all costs. Anyway,
after she leaves, go up to the crate in here and Linebeck will pop out of it.
He'll give you a Blue Rupee as a reward. The more you fight and win against
Jolene, the higher the amount of Rupees he will give you. You'll then be back
outside of the ship, so sail to the Northwestern Sea. As you sail there, you'll
get back into the deep white fog. When you get there, sail directly north and
your ship will get stuck, then Link will go to the engine room with Linebeck.

He says that the cause of this is more than likely the Ghost Ship, and that you
should go search for it while he fixes the engine. Ask him how, and Ciela will
say that her and the other two spirits will help locate it. Back outside, Ciela
will explain that you have to tap "GO" to make the ship go, then touch left or
right to move left or right, respectively. You don't draw a path this time. As
you get more near the Ghost Ship, the three spirits will blink more rapidly.
Steer your way through the Northwestern Sea and keep going toward the spots
where the spirits blink. When they blink extremely fast, you're very near the
Ghost Ship. Eventually, you'll see it in plain sight. Sail to it and you'll get
on board.



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