The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of Courage

Go forward and break the pots for some hearts. Follow the path and ignore the
two doors, then you'll come to a rolling spiked log. Wait until it rolls up,
then follow it up and take cover at the small opening to the right. When it
rolls down past you, continue north and stand on the four flesh tiles. There is
another spiked log. When it moves up, keep following the path and stay on the
next set of tiles. When that spiked log rolls by, head south and you'll see a
blue razor trap blocking your path. Move to the left and the razor trap will
move, so quickly go right to avoid it, then head down. Head left and press the
switch to open the door, then go up. Open the chest to get a Small Key, then go
back to where the razor trap is and head all the way up.

Unlock the door there, then follow the path to an area where a door behind you
will close. You have to fight two weird centipede enemies. To defeat them,
attack the red spot on their tail a few times. Once they're defeated, head
south and down the stairs that were revealed. In the next room, you'll see that
it looks like there's no way to pass the cliff. However, if you look on the
map, you'll see that there are moving blocks everywhere. Wait until a moving
block moves to you, then walk on it. It will carry you to a platform. Get on
it, and you'll see a Hardhat Beetle. These things push you back a bit when you
attack them, and they can get annoying. Attack it until you push it off the
cliff, then go on the moving block to the left when it comes towards you.

It will carry you to another moving block. Get on that one and quickly take out
the Boomerang. Use it to hit the colored crystal switch to the north to turn it
blue. When the moving block takes you to the next platform, get on it and enter
the next room. In here, you'll see slime enemies and sparks that cling to the
walls. Head north and defeat the slime enemies, then follow the path past the
lowered blocks. Read the tombstones here. One says that huge monsters with huge
ears are vulnerable to sound, while the other says that up, down, right, and
left is the solution to the whole temple, which isn't entirely true. Place a
bomb by the right side of the left tombstone to blow up the wall. There are two
chests here.

Open them to get a random ship part and a Power Gem. Break the pots here if you
need bombs, then take a look at the map on the wall. It says that you can cross
the void easily if you note the path written down. Touch the Map icon, then
touch the 1F icon. Select B1, then draw the path shown on the top map. We're
going to need it soon. Once you draw the path, exit the map screen and head
south. Bomb the two cracked blocks, then follow the path. If you get close to
the Green ChuChu, it will turn into a small drop of liquid. To defeat it, you
have to use the Boomerang from a distance to stun it, then attack it. Anyway,
keep following the path down, then read the tombstone on the platform. It says
that only the same-shaped stones can fit into the holes.

An example of this is the hole right next to the tombstone. Head all the way
south and press the nearby switch to open the door, then go up the platform
next to you. A giant bunny monster will appear. To defeat it, either yell into
the mic or blow into it very hard to make it shrink. Then, hit it with your
sword once and it will drop a Small Key. Get the key and go back all the way
north, then use it on the locked door. Enter the next room. In here, there are
sparks that cling to the walls, along with Beamos everywhere. A Beamos is a
statue with an eye, and when it sees you, it will shoot you with a red laser.
Quite annoying. There are four levers in this room which you must pull in a
certain order.

Remember the tombstone that said up, down, right and left is the solution to
the level? Well, that applies to this room. You have to pull the levers in that
order: up, down, right, and left. Once you pull them in that order, a chest
will appear in the middle of the room. Open it to get a square crystal, which
you must carry out of this room. Exit this room with the square crystal in
hand. Back at the previous room, head south and up that platform, then tap the
pedestal to place the square crystal in there. A door to the northeast will
open up, so make your way to it and enter the next area. Hit the gossip stone
in here, and he'll hint to the location of the map on the wall we looked at
earlier. This is the room you had to draw a path for.

Head right and follow the path you drew exactly. You will have to knock off two
Hardhat Beetles while walking across the invisible path, which can be rather
difficult. When you reach the northwestern platform, open the chest to get the
Bow and Arrows! Equip them now. To aim with them, simply move the stylus in a
direction to aim in that direction. Use your new item to shoot the eye on the
wall behind the chest. This will extend a bridge that connects to the platform
south of here. Cross the bridge and defeat the centipede enemy. There is a
heart-shaped orb here. Hit it with the Boomerang to make it face a different
direction. Make it face the right, then shoot an arrow into it and the arrow
will go through, eventually hitting a switch. Head left and into the next room.

In here, head south past the lowered blocks, then defeat the two centipedes.
Head up the steps and hit the gossip stone. It says that you'll need the same
crystal you got earlier, then you'll have to bring it here and place it in the
pedestal. Go all the way right and shoot the eye on the wall. This will open up
the door in front of you. Follow the path north and tap the pedestal the square
crystal is in to take it out. Carry it southwest back to the pedestal you just
saw, then place it in there. This will open another door to the right. Head
there and go into the next room. Here, there are many Octoroks. The ones on the
platform you can't reach constantly shoot out nuts. Head west and kill the
Octoroks that are walking around, then use arrows to kill the other three.

Once they're all defeated, a bridge to the north will extend and connect to
another platform. Cross the bridge and ride the moving block down to a platform
to the south. Quickly defeat the Keese there, then ride the next moving block
and take out your bow. Aim up and shoot the eye, then get on the middle block.
Let it take you up, then when it takes you back down, move onto the last block.
That one will carry you right. Aim up and shoot the eye on the wall, and with
both eyes shot, a chest will appear in the middle. Get back on the middle block
and let it take you up, then open the chest to get a Power Gem. Get back on the
right block, then let it take you all the way right. Get on the next block and
defeat the Keese, then head right when it takes you up.

Move past the two razor traps and avoid being hit, then go directly south and
jump to that platform, making sure the Beamos doesn't see you. Head right and
place a bomb by the cracked block, then quickly go back left and up. When the
bomb blows up the cracked block, a razor trap will be freed. Jump back up to
the platform with the Beamos, then head over to the right and jump down to the
platform again from there. Push the block down when the razor trap is over to
the right, then make your way back over to the left side again. Push the block
all the way right to trap the razor trap (ironic, huh?) completely, then head
north and open the chest for a Dark Pearl Loop. Head down the stairs to the
next room.

Here, head west and be careful of the sparks that cling to the walls. Jump
across the ledge to another platform, then press the switch to open the door in
front of you. Head south to the next area. Ride the moving block on the right
here to another platform. Get on it and equip the Boomerang. Ride the moving
block to the north up, then use the Boomerang to target the flaming torch, then
all of the non-flaming ones in a zig-zag pattern. Throw it after you target
them all, then you'll light all of the torches, causing some spikes ahead to
lower. Get on the next platform and knock off the Hardhat Beetles, then go left
and use the Boomerang on the heart-shaped orb until it faces left. Shoot an
arrow into it and the arrow will eventually hit a switch.

Before continuing, move the heart-shaped orb again so that it faces north, then
shoot another arrow into it. The arrow will hit an eye on the wall, causing a
chest to appear nearby. Open it to get a Wisdom Gem, then head north past the
lowered blocks and into the next area. You'll have to fight another giant bunny
in here. Scream or blow hard into the mic, then attack it and it will drop a
Small Key. Take it and use it on the locked door in front of you, then go left.
The gossip stone tells you that the block to the left is a block that moves
depending on the path that you draw. Neat. Get on the platform and it will
glow. Take out your map and draw a path going towards the dots on the map, in
this order: up, down, right, and left.

Exit the map screen after drawing your path, and the platform will move. It
will carry you to pillars with eyes on them. Shoot them in the order of up,
down, right and left, then a chest will appear at the start of this room. Erase
your current path and draw a new one going northeast. Once you get over there,
open the chest to get the Boss Key. Get back on the block again and draw a path
going to the platform at the southwestern corner. With the Boss Key in hand,
tap the block to throw the key into it, granting you access to the next room.
In the next room, read the tombstone to create a blue portal. Break the pots
for supplies, then go north and to the next area. Head north and you'll meet
Crayk, the Bane of Courage. Read the Bosses section for help on winning.

After you win, he'll turn into some of the Sand of Hours, which will be added
to the Phantom Hourglass as usual. Now you have fourteen minutes total in it.
The Spirit of Courage will then appear, who looks exactly like Ciela. However,
she won't say a word. Open the chest that appears for the Heart Container, then
take the blue portal to get out of this place.



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