The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Molida Island

When you arrive here, you should still have that symbol drawn on your map from
when we were here last time. Go to the middle of that symbol again and dig by
the tree, then drop through the hole that is revealed. Inside the cave, head
left and then up to the sun door we saw last time. Tap it and it will open now
that we have the Sun Key. Follow the path and continue outside. Look to the
left when you get outside, and you'll see a cracked part of the ground. Dig
there and a hole will be revealed. Fall down it, then you'll fall back in the
cave in front of a chest, which contains a Wisdom Gem. After you get it, go
east and jump off the ledge, then go back outside again. Now, follow the path
and defeat the enemies, then you will come to a gossip stone.

Hit it, and it will tell you that outside of Oshus's storehouse is a tree. It
tells you to dig there to find something. We'll check it out the next time we
visit the island, don't worry. Continue following the path and defeat the
Yellow ChuChus, then head right and read the tombstone. It says that only when
the statues gaze upon the door will it open. Follow the path right and down,
then you'll come to a statue. Strike it with your sword and a beam will
radiate from it. Tap it and you'll be able to move it. Move it clockwise a few
times so that it is facing the temple on the map, then tap the arrow icon to
stop moving it. Continue following the path, then head north and two fish
knights will jump out of the water.

You fought one of these the last time you were here, and you have to fight two
at once now. This can be a little hard, so take your time. In case you forgot,
to defeat them, wait until one raises his sword, then run away. When he dashes,
run and attack him while he's off guard. Once both of them are defeated, the
second statue will appear. Strike it, then tilt it so that it's facing the
temple on the map. Now, head left and jump off the ledge, then go up the steps
and go left. On a platform across from you is the third and final statue.
Strike it with the Boomerang, and the beam will automatically be facing the
temple. With all three beams directly on the door, it opens up, granting you
access to the temple. Head there and go inside.



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