The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Cannon Island

Head into Eddo's Garage on the right. Inside, head right and enter the back
room where Eddo is. Talk to him, and he'll offer you the Salvage Arm. But the
price will vary depending on how loud you can scream into the mic. Like I've
said before, you can blow very hard into the mic and it will register as a
scream. Scream into the mic or blow hard into it as good as you can, then he
will tell you the price. The best you can get him to sell it for is 200 Rupees,
if I'm not mistaken. Buy it and make your way off the island.

The Sea

Our next destination is the green crest on the map. Go there and tap the Menu
icon, then tap Salvage to dip your crane into the water. This is sort of like a
mini-game, and Linebeck will explain how to use the Salvage Arm to dig for the
treasure. To use it, you have to use the bar at the bottom. Slide the small
square left and right to move it in that direction, and slide it up and down to
make the crane move faster or slower. Don't get hit by the Octomines or you'll
lose health on your crane. You can collect Rupees from the bubbles as you go.
When you reach the very bottom, snag the treasure. If you miss it, you must try
again. Once you get it, pull it all the way back up.

After you pull the treasure up, it will be dropped onto your ship, then Link
will open it. It holds the Sun Key. Linebeck has no clue what it could be for,
however. Sail all the way to the southwestern island, which is Molida Island.
As you approach the island, however, a giant monster appears from the water.
Linebeck suggests drawing a route around in a circle to avoid the monster's
attacks and discover its weak point. Draw a route as a small circle, around and
around, but near the monster. Its weak point is the eye, which you have to
shoot with your cannon when open. The only way this monster attacks is by
spitting out green gunk balls at you, which can be blasted. After quite a few
hits to the eye, the monster will die. You will then dock at Molida Island.



Side Quests

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