The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Mercay Island

Back outside, make your way back to your ship. On your way there, the postman
will deliver a letter from Eddo. He now has a Salvage Arm for sale, and he'll
sell it to the first person to get to the island. He won't sell out of it if
you don't get there despite that, however. Go to your ship and the man that
called you earlier will call you again. Talk to him, and he'll ask if your ship
has a Salvage Arm. Tell him no, and he'll suggest you get one from Eddo since
it pulls treasure up from the sea. Talk to Linebeck, and Ciela tells him about
what we found at the temple. He suggests setting sail, which you should do.

The Sea

We can't go any further until we get the Salvage Arm, so go ahead and make a
course for Cannon Island.



Side Quests

Item List