The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of the Ocean King

Head forward and to the first room of the temple. You'll have to go all the way
through the temple again, to where you got the last Sea Chart at. If you need
instructions again, scroll up until you get back to where I wrote a walkthrough
for that section. I'll only give a walkthrough for each floor once. The only
difference in the floors after each dungeon is that more shortcuts are
available to you due to your new items. Once you reach the Door of Wisdom, Neri
will say to tap the door and she'll open it. Tap the door, and before going to
the next room, head left and get the thirty seconds out of the golden pot. Now,
enter the next room. In this room, there are statues that shoot out wind gusts.
Upon going forward, blue eyeball creatures appear.

Neri explains that they are called Phantom Eyes. They're basically alarms, but
they can be defeated. If one sees you, it will stay near you and an alarm will
sound. You'll either have to run to a safe zone or rub the Touch Screen when
prompted to shrug the Phantom Eye off. If the alarm sounds long enough, a
Phantom will appear and you will start getting chased. Now, head right, and go
down the corridor to a wind gust. Throw the Boomerang at the crystal switch in
the corner to deactivate the wind gust, then throw the Boomerang at the Phantom
Eye to stun it. Strike it with your sword while it's stunned to kill it. Break
the golden pot in the southeastern corner with the Boomerang to snag thirty
more seconds.

Go west, then north, then follow the path past the wind gusts. Make sure there
are no Phantoms around. Kill the next Phantom Eye, then follow the next
corridor down. Hide in the safe spot to the left, then stay in it and hit the
Phantom Eye with the Boomerang when it gets near. Kill it, then if you've
killed all of the Phantom Eyes, a chest will appear on the right side. It
contains a Power Gem. Head south of the last Phantom Eye, then dig up the dirt
patch with the Shovel. Ride the wind gust up and hit the crystal switch. This
deactivates all of the wind gusts in this room, making it much easier to get
through. Head back north and towards the left wall on the map, where the hole
is in it. On the southern side of the wall is a crack.

Bomb it and hit the crystal switch behind the wall. This lowers some spikes.
Look on the map and go to where the key is, then pick up the Small Key. Make
your way southwest to a locked door, then open it and go to the next room. In
here, go left and past the spikes when they lower. At the end of the path,
you'll see a crystal switch on a platform surrounded by spikes. Target the
switch with the Boomerang and throw it when the spikes lower. You'll hit it,
causing some spikes over to the right to lower. Head all the way right, and hit
the golden jar for an extra thirty seconds. Go back to the left and then go up,
and the door behind you will shut. Defeat the Yellow ChuChus and two doors will
open. Some spikes to the left will also lower.

Hit the golden pot where the spikes were to get an extra fifteen seconds, then
go right and another door behind you will shut. Defeat the pitchfork enemies
and after the doors open and the spikes lower, hit the jar to the right to get
fifteen more seconds. Head north and go right, then take out your Boomerang and
target the right side, where a switch is. Hit the switch with it to make a
chest appear and make the wind gust to the left disappear. Open the chest to
get a Red Potion. In this game, you automatically start with two empty bottles,
and cannot get any more than that. Go to the Items menu to use the potion
whenever needed. Head west and down to the next floor. In the next room, Neri
will say that we're almost at the next clue to the Ghost Ship.

There are two Phantoms patrolling the hallways in this room, and there are also
two Phantom Eyes. Head right and quickly stun the Phantom Eye, then kill it. On
both sides of this room are three tombstones. Head south and press the switch
to stop the wind gust. Now, go to the northwestern corner of the room and dig
up the dirt patch to reveal a wind gust. Place a bomb on it to blow up the
cracked blocks, then ride the gust up and hit the switch. This causes some
spikes to lower to the south, allowing you passage to a tombstone. Jump down
and go read it, and it will say that the sacred crest begins and ends with it.
This is obviously a riddle we have to solve. Do NOT read the middle tombstone,
or else two Phantom Eyes will spawn.

Head around to the left, then go down and press the switch to deactivate the
wind gust. Go east from here, then press the next switch to deactivate that
gust as well. In the middle-top part of the room is another switch that
deactivates the last wind gust. Killing all of the Phantom Eyes will make some
spikes lower at the left side of the room, allowing you to break a gold pot
containing fifteen extra seconds. Hitting the switch at the southeastern corner
of the room lowers some spikes that grant you access to a tombstone. Read the
tombstones and start from the first one to the last one. Then, draw a line on
your map where the tombstones are starting from the first to the last. This
will make an hourglass shape.

Go to the red door in the middle of the room and tap it. You have to draw the
shape of an hourglass (the same one you drew on your map) starting from point
one to the last, then back up to point one again. If you can't get it, then
draw starting at the top-left, then directly to the top-right, then down to the
bottom-left, then to the bottom-right, then back up to the top-left again. If
you drew it right, the sacred crest (an hourglass) will appear on the door,
then it will open. Go through. In this room, go up and examine the sun crest by
the wall. It will show a map of the sea, along with a green crest on it. It
says to press the sea chart to the crest, and the way to the Sun Key will open.
Tap the Sea Chart icon.

Select the Southwestern Sea, then close your DS and open it. This will stamp
the crest on the map you're looking at onto your Sea Chart. A really clever
idea Nintendo had, if I do say so myself. Ciela suggests going to Linebeck to
see what he thinks about this crest. Take the blue portal to get back to the
main room, then leave the dungeon.



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