The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Mercay Island

Go all the way north to the field area. Head up the stairs to the north and go
around, to two cracked blocks. Bomb them to blow them up, creating a shortcut
up here (it's not really a useful shortcut, but still). Head into the next
area. The wall nearby has a crack in it, so bomb it to reveal a hole, then go
inside. In this cave, kill the rats and hit the gossip stone if you wish. Hop
across the platforms and kill the rat, then open the chest at the end to get a
Power Gem. You'll probably notice an eye on the wall. We can't do anything
about it until we get a bow, so for now, just exit the cave and make your way
to the Temple of the Ocean King.



Side Quests

Item List