The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of Wind

When you enter, go north and you'll see two things that shoot out wind gusts.
Once they stop, run forward and wait until all three of the wind gusts here
stop. Run forward when they do, then you'll see a Bomb Flower in the middle.
The game shows you a line of Bomb Flowers on the platform ahead, along with an
odd-looking tile in between those Bomb Flowers. Take the bomb from the Bomb
Flower beside you and throw it across, in between the line of Bomb Flowers. If
you did it right, this will cause them all to explode, activating two crystal
switches nearby. This extends two bridges for you to cross. Cross either one
and push the nearby block right, so that it blocks the wind gust nearby. Then,
hit the crystal switch to stop the next wind gust, then proceed forward.

Head up the steps and go south, then head west. The blue door to the north
cannot be opened yet. Tap the door to the south to open it, then take the path
to a switch. Press it to open the door in front of you, then head up the steps
nearby. Make your way across this narrow passage, defeating the Keese along the
way. Only go forward when the gusts stop. Eventually, you'll make it to another
set of steps. Take them down and go north, then the door behind you will shut.
Defeat the snakes, then the door behind you will open along with another one.
Head west and get the Rupees, then break the puts and push the block to the
left. Go to this sandy area and defeat the snakes, then head north to a couple
of wind gusts.

Ignore them for now and go left. You will see a statue shooting out a wind
gust. Push it down twice, and left until it is on the first sun symbol on the
ground. Then, use the wind to push you over to the left platform, then step on
the switch to open the door in front of you. Take the stairs down to the next
room. In this room, go forward and the door behind you will shut. There will
appear to be no signs of enemies even though it sounds like they're nearby. Run
up to all of the rocks around the room and Red ChuChus wearing stone helmets
will be revealed. Use the Bomb Flowers in the middle to break off the helmets,
then attack them to defeat them. Once they're defeated, the door that you came
in from will open, along with another door.

Follow the path east and go up the steps, then defeat the three Red ChuChus
that ambush you. Head to the middle of the room, defeating the pitchfork
enemies as you go along. At the middle is a tombstone and a switch. Read the
tombstone, and it will say that when two wings flutter, a door will open. Press
the switch by the tombstone to open a door to the southeast. Head there and
take the path up, then head right and follow the path to the end. Break the
pots and open the chest for a Pearl Necklace, then go back left and up to the
ledge. Now, jump down to the north. Head up and use the wind gusts to reach the
upper ledge, then open the chest to get a Courage Gem. Jump down and go back to
the southeast, taking the steps up again.

Jump back down to the north, then push the block up so that it is right by the
third wind gust. Push it directly onto the wind gust, then use the second gust
to get on the block. From there, head right and drop down to the floor below.
Follow the path to the next room. In here, use a bomb from one of the Bomb
Flowers nearby to blow up the crack in the wall. Take the path to a big sandy
area. You have to walk quietly in this room, because sand worms lurk within the
sand just like outside on the island. Walk to the middle platform, where you'll
find a tombstone. Read it and it will just tell you to walk quietly. Examine
the map on the wall, and it will say that when the four pillars of wind rise, a
door will open.

There are X's on the map. Write down X's on your map in these exact spots, then
walk to them and dig up the patches to reveal wind gusts. Each time you dig up
the right wind gust, a torch in the room is lit. There's a chest on the left
side of the room containing a Power Gem. When the four wind gusts have been dug
up, two doors will open. Take the northern door first, to another room. In the
next room, use a bomb from the Bomb Flowers to blow up the cracked blocks, then
take the stairs up to another room. Here, head all the way south to a statue
blowing a wind gust. Push it onto the sun symbol on the ground to get a
windmill blowing, then go back to the previous room. Head south and back to the
sandy room, and this time, take the southwestern door.

In the next area, head east and up the steps. Pull the wind gust statue onto
the sun symbol to get the secodn windmill going, making a Small Key drop near
the tombstone and the switch below. Jump down and take the Small Key, then go
southeast, head up the steps, and jump down to the ledge below. Use the wind
gusts to get on top of the block, then head east and follow the path back to
the sandy room. Head all the way north across the walkway, to a locked door.
Unlock it with your key, then open the chest to get some Bombs. It also came
with a small Bomb Bag, so you can only hold up to 10 unless you get a bigger
one (see the Equipment Upgrades section). Head all the way to the northwestern
end of the room to find a crack in the wall.

Place a bomb there to blow it up, then enter the new room. Here, you'll see a
wind gust. Place a bomb on it and it will float up, blowing up the cracked
block in front of the gust. The pots on the left contain bombs if you need any.
Ride the wind gust up to the platform, then take the stairs up to the next
room. In here, go all the way east and defeat the Red ChuChus, then go back to
the wind gust you just passed. Place a bomb onto it and quickly run to the
right again. When it blows up, it will blow up a line of Bomb Flowers, causing
a switch to activate. This opens up a door for a very short time, but you
should already be over there. Head through the door before it closes, then head
right to a tombstone.

The two rocks by the tombstone are really Red ChuChus. The tombstone says that
blank walls can hide the truth. Head right and place a bomb on the green and
white tile to blow up the wall. Follow that path to a door, defeating the Red
ChuChus along the way. When you get to the door, tap it to open it, then take
the nearby stairs up to the next room. In this room, defeat the Red ChuChus
hiding under the rocks, then look behind the wall to find a checkered tile
behind it. Place a bomb right where this tile is to blow it up, making a path.
Take the path up and go left, to an area with a line of Bomb Flowers on both
sides. Place a bomb on both of the sun symbols on the ground. This will cause
both rows of Bomb Flowers to blow up, activating two switches.

This causes a door to the south to open. Take that path to a chest, then open
it for the Boss Key. Jump off the left side and put down the key, then place a
bomb on the wind gust. It will block up the two blocks, allowing you to pass.
Pick up the key again and ride the wind gust up, then tap the block to throw
the key into it, granting you access to the next room. In the next room, you'll
notice that the wind blows. Go north and ride the wind gusts up, then read the
tombstone and a blue portal will appear. Break the pots for supplies, then head
into the next room. Out here, you will see Cyclok, the Striker of Winds. See
the Bosses section for help on getting through here.

Once you win the battle, he'll turn into grains of sand and be added to the
Phantom Hourglass. Now you have twelve minutes total in it. Then, you'll see
the Spirit of Wisdom, Neri appear. After some dialogue, she will join with you.
Open the chest that appears to get the Heart Container, then take the blue
portal to get out of the dungeon.

Isle of Gust

Back out here, head south and exit this area, then take the stairs to the right
and jump down to the south. Defeat the pitchfork enemies and head up the stairs
to the southwest. Jump down and make your way south to your ship. Then, talk to
Linebeck and tell him you're ready to set sail.

The Sea

Before we go back to Mercay Island, sail northeast to Bannan Island.



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