The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Isle of Gust

Once you finally reach the island, Linebeck will notice that the whole island
is gusty (hence the name of the island). Read the nearby sign if you want, and
it will tell you to beware of the high winds. Head north and up the steps, and
the wind will start to blow. You'll have to run to the right to prevent
yourself from falling off. Defeat the pitchfork enemies and head right. Kill
the next batch of pitchfork enemies, then head south and down the steps. Defeat
the Red ChuChu, then go right. Jump across the ledges, defeating the enemies as
you go along. Eventually, you'll have to head north. Do so and read the sign,
which has three arrows pointing left. It says not to get blown off by the wind.
Head west and defeat the pitchfork enemies, then you'll come to some Bomb
Flowers. Take a bomb and head north, placing it by the crack in the wall.

It will blow up, revealing an opening. Go through. Inside, open the chest to
get a Courage Gem, then read the journal on the table. It talks about an island
with a mermaid on it. Examine the map on the wall, and it will show an arrow
pointing to an island at the Northwestern Sea. Make a note of this spot, then
exit the cave. Back outside, head east and back up the ledge. Head to the sign,
and then go left. When the wind blows, run left and jump off the ledge to the
next two ledges. Head left, and at this point, the wind will stop blowing.
Defeat the pitchfork enemies, then enter the cave at the end. Inside, go right
and jump down. Defeat all of the pitchfork enemies, then a chest will appear to
the north.

Open both chests here to get a Wisdom Gem and a Treasure Map, respectively.
Then, go east and take the exit south out of the cave. Back outside, go east
and defeat the Red ChuChus, then ride the wind gusts all the way up. The wind
blows up here, so be careful. Head right and follow the path down, then dig at
the crack in the ground to find a big Rupee worth 100. Go back up, and when the
wind blows, jump to the western ledge. Make your way down, then the wind will
stop blowing. Head north and into the next area. Here, you'll see lots of wind
gusts blocking the entrance to the temple. Read the tombstone, and it will tell
you that only once the windmills have had their fill will the temple open. Look
at the map on the wall, and it will show an "X" at the top-left corner.

Make a note of this spot on your map, then head back to the previous area. Go
west and ride the wind gust up to the ledge, then proceed to the next area.
Here, defeat the two Red ChuChus, then take the path going down into another
area. Drop down here, and you'll see four strange dirt patches. Ciela said that
it looks like they were dug up holes. You can dig at these spots to reveal a
wind gust, but just go west and defeat the enemies. Go all the way left and dig
at the dirt patch to reveal a wind gust. Ride it up to the ledge and open the
chest to get a Power Gem. Drop back down and go north, then dig at the patch
there and ride the wind up. Head into the next area. Ignore the wind gust on
the right, and dig at the spot on the left. Ride that wind gust up.

Follow the path down, then defeat the enemies. Dig up the wind gust you'll come
to by tapping on the hole with the Shovel in your hand, then head west and ride
that wind gust up. Dig at the cracked spot on the ground to find a big Rupee
worth 100 (these are common, aren't they?). Go forward to many wind gusts. Ride
the northernmost one up to a ledge, then read the tombstone. It says that the
hero must blow on the three sacred windmills to open the path. Examine the map
on the wall, and you'll see three crests. Mark these spots on your map, then
jump down and cover up the wind gust holes. Lift the rocks and go right, then
go up and hit the gossip stone. It will tell you to walk quietly in the area
ahead, otherwise you'll attract dangerous enemies.

Head right and into the sandy area, then start walking _very_ slowly. If you
don't, a sand worm will appear and eat you. If this happens, rub the Touch
Screen back and forth to get spit out. Walk all the way to the eastern end of
the path, then make your way to one of the places you marked on your map. There
are many windmills here, but only three will open the path. The correct ones
are the ones you marked on your map, so head to those locations and walk up to
the windmill. Then, blow into the mic until it starts spinning. Do this for the
next two windmills marked on your map, then two doors will open. Take the
southwestern one and jump off the ledge. As you can see, you can enter the
temple now.



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