The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Molida Island

Here, Linebeck will say that we still need to figure out a way through the fog,
but tell him you aren't ready to set sail just yet. Head south and read the
sign (the tombstone), which says that someone tried sailing through the thick
fog and failed. Keep following the path, and hit the gossip stone you come to.
He'll ask if you want to know some valuable information. Say that you do, and
he'll talk about some island in the middle of a three-rock formation just south
of here. Go east of here to find another tombstone. Read it, and you'll learn
about why the island we have to sail to is called the Isle of Gust. Head north
of the gossip stone to the mailbox, where the postman will deliver another
letter. This time it's from Astrid.

She says to come visit her should you ever get lost, and she'll show you the
way. After you read the letter, head all the way right and enter the house
where the garden is. Speak to the man inside, and tell him you're going your
own way through the fog at the Northwestern Sea. After his griping, attempt to
exit the house, then he will call you. Talk to him again and he'll apologize
for lashing out at you, then tell you that his father used a specific route to
cut through the fog. He says that there is a cave that used to be his hideaway
behind this house. Exit the house and go behind it to spot a cave. The gardener
tells you that you shouldn't go in because it's full of dangerous monsters, but
who can stop us? Go in anyway.

Inside, follow the path and defeat the Red ChuChus, then jump across the ledges
and kill the two Keese using the Boomerang. Go across the platforms until you
get to the other side, then head north. A blue knight creature with a fish face
will jump out of the water. He attacks by spitting fireballs at you and by
attacking you with his sword. To defeat him, wait until he holds his sword
back, then run away. He'll dash at you, and if he misses you, he'll be off
guard for a brief moment. Quickly tap him while he is off guard to hit him. Do
this a few times and he'll die, then the door ahead will open. Head north and
to the next area. Follow the path in here and defeat the Octoroks, then enter
the next area.

In this room, head south and defeat the Keese, then take a bomb out of the
second Bomb Flower and take it north. Place it by the crack in the wall to blow
it up, revealing an opening. Go through to another room. Inside, open the chest
to the north to get the Shovel. We will be needing this. Just a few tiles south
of the chest is a cracked piece of the ground. Dig there to find a big green
Rupee worth 100. Now, do as Ciela just suggested, and read the journal on the
table. It's Romano's journal, and he says something about drawing lines where
the stone tablets intersect. Interesting. Exit this room, take a bomb out from
a Bomb Flower, then go south. Lay the by the two rocks to blow them up, then
head all the way south out of this cave.

Go back to the first two stone tablets, and mark their locations on your map
with a little dot (in case you forgot, the first one is found near your ship,
and the second one is found all the way east of the first one). Once you've
marked them, go back into the cave and head all the way north, then take the
stairs leading outside. Back outside, head directly left to find a chest in the
corner. Open it to get a Pearl Necklace. Now, head right and read the tombstone
sign. Mark the location of that one on your map, then head east and follow the
path to the next area. Read the tombstone and mark it on your map. Now you
should have all four marked, so draw two lines on your map and connect them
with the tablet's location. Jump down and look by the tree.

There is a cracked part of the ground there. Dig on that spot to find another
big Rupee worth 100, then head to the very middle of the lines you just drew.
You should be right in front of a palm tree, so dig right by it and you'll find
a hole. Drop through into a cave below. Inside, read the book if you wish, then
open the chest in here to find a Treasure Map. This reveals the location of a
treasure out at sea. Examine the map on the wall, and you'll see a path at the
Northwestern Sea that shows you how to get through the fog. It shows the path
that you must take. Select the Sea Chart icon, and tap the Northwestern Sea.
Draw the path shown on the top map, because we'll defenitely be needing this.
Head all the way left and follow the path.

Defeat the Yellow ChuChu, then Ciela will notice a door with a sun emblem on
it. Try opening it, only to find out that you can't. Ciela suggests writing the
sun symbol on your map in case we need it later (and you know we will). Do it
if you wish, then follow the path east and defeat the Yellow ChuChus. Jump down
and make your way out of the cave. Outside again, make your way back to your
ship, then tell Lineback you're ready to set sail.

The Sea

Make your way to the Northwestern Sea again. Once there, make your path just
like the one you drew. Make sure it follows it exactly, and make the path end
at the Isle of Gust (the island in the middle on the right side). Watch for
enemies and traps as you sail to the island.



Side Quests

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