The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Cannon Island

When you arrive here, you'll see a weird man standing on the mailbox ahead.
Walk up to him; this is the postman (I didn't know a postman had wings). After
his introduction, he will fly off. Enter the building to the right and speak to
the man inside. His name is Fuzo, and he's Eddo's apprentice. As of right now,
he is unavailable. Fuzo says that if you want to meet him, you'll have to go
around the back of the island and enter from the other side. He'll take you
outside and open a gate for you. Head west to find the gate that is now open,
then follow the path and defeat the enemies along the way. Read the sign that
you come to, and it will say something about beehives. Go south and you'll see
some beehives. These will have bees in them (obviously) that attack you.

To kill them, just use a spin attack. Head south and enter the cave there that
leads to the Bomb Garden. In the cave, follow the path and kill the rat, then
you'll come to some Bomb Flowers. Tap a bomb to lift it, then place it by the
two cracked blocks to blow them up. Head right and you will see a block that
you can move, and another cracked block. Go back left and take a bomb, then
throw it across the fence to the cracked block to blow it up. Push the block to
the right a couple of times so you can pass, then take the bomb there and go
back left, and head to the eastern corner. Place it by the crack in the wall to
blow it up, revealing an opening. Take the opening to a chest, then open it to
get a Power Gem. Go back around to the Bomb Flower across the fence.

Head north and push that block up once, then go around it and push it all the
way down, as far as you can. Go back north and pull the next block left once,
then go around it and pull it up once. This creates a path for you. Head left
and kill the two rats, then you'll see a cracked block. Go back and get the
nearest bomb from the nearest Bomb Flower, then take it to the cracked block
and quickly throw it there, blowing it up. Head west and continue outside. This
is the Bomb Garden full of Bomb Flowers. This is an annoying area, because if
you attack the rats in the gardens, near the Bomb Flowers, you will likely hit
a few bombs in the process, making you lose much needed health. Carefully take
care of the rats here, then take a bomb and go south.

Lay it by the breakable blocks to blow them up, then open the chest to the left
for a Red Rupee. Now, head right, and kill the rat by the bombs. Take a bomb
and use it to blow up the breakable blocks to the right, then follow the path
going up. Take the stairs down to the right, then follow the path and defeat
the Red ChuChus along the way. Lift the rocks, and eventually you'll come to a
sign. Read it, and it points to the other entrance to Eddo's garage. However,
if you keep going, you'll see that it's blocked by more cracked blocks. Blast
it (get it?)! Head back to the Bomb Garden, and on your way back, roll into the
lone tree. A big red Rupee will drop out of it, and it's worth 200! Go west
from the tree and up to the bombs.

Take the last one on the right at the top, then jump off the northern side of
the ledge and go east. Quickly throw it across the fence to the cracked blocks
to blow them up. Make your way back around to where the cracked blocks were,
then continue following the path and enter Eddo's garage. Inside, talk to the
man with the cast on, which is Eddo. He will say that if you want a cannon,
you'll have to pay big bucks. You have to pay 50 Rupees for it, which isn't all
that much. Pay up to get the cannon, then he'll offer a Salvage Arm as well. It
allows you to pull up treasure from the bottom of the sea. However, it's not
finished yet, so you'll have to come back later. Head left and to the other
side of the building, then exit.

Back outside, go left and the postman will deliver a letter. It is from the
Postmaster. After he reads it, he wants you to sign a letter. Write your file
name (that's what I did) on the Touch Screen. Touch Rewrite if you're not
satisfied with how it looks. Regardless, once you write it, confirm it and the
postman will fly off. Go to Linebeck and tell him you wish to set sail.

The Sea

Out at sea, set your course northwest past the formation of rocks, then up to
the Northwestern Sea. As you sail, Linebeck will tell you how to use the
cannon. Just tap anywhere on the screen to fire. If an enemy is nearby, tap it
to shoot it. Easy. Eventually, a Sea Trap will pop up. Linebeck says you can
either jump over it or destroy both of its sides to sink it. To jump, tap the
arrow icon at the bottom of the Touch Screen. Jump at just the right time to
avoid it. You can also tap the sides of the trap to blast them and make the
trap sink. Either way, get past the trap and continue sailing until you get to
where the rock formation breaks on the map. There are some brown-colored rocks
that can be blown up with your cannon.

Blow them up and continue sailing, then suddenly the boat will stop. The sky
turns dark, and Linebeck spots the Ghost Ship! He suggests chasing it down, so
just keep sailing toward it as it continues to the Northwestern Sea. You do
the same. As you get near your destination, however, the fog begins to thicken,
to the point where you can't see a thing. Keep sailing, and once you get to the
Northwestern Sea, sail northeast to the Isle of Gust. Be careful of the enemies
and explosive barrel traps. Once you start going towards the island, you'll
suddenly appear back at the start of this area of the sea! Linebeck thinks that
someone on a nearby island might know of a way through the thick fog. So, go
back to the Southwestern Sea, then sail directly south to Molida Island.



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