The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of the Ocean King

Upon entering this place again, Linebeck will enter, and remind you that the
temple sucks the life out of you. He doesn't really want you to go in, and
seems concerned. Oshus then enters, and tells you to go up to the altar above
the entrance to the next room. Go up either side of the stairs to the altar.
You will see a cutscene where a mysterious hourglass floats up, then some sand
appears and Oshus tells Link to take it. You then get the Phantom Hourglass,
with some sand filled inside of it. Oshus tells you that as long as you hold
the Phantom Hourglass, you won't take damage until the sand runs out. To refill
it, you need to go outside the temple. It is filled with the Sand of Hours, and
the Sand of Hours is made from the Force Gems of the Ocean King.

When the scene ends, head back down the stairs and go into the next area. The
Phantom Hourglass will flip over, and you will have a total of ten minutes to
get through some of the temple. Whenever you're standing in safe zones, your
time will not go down. There are also pots that will contain seconds for you to
grab. Go forward and Ciela and Leaf will explain about the time limit. Then,
Leaf will show you a door that she wants you to go to, because you are able to
open it with the Spirit of Power. Head directly north and you'll see the door,
which is the Door of Power. Tap on it to open it, then take the stairs down to
the next floor. Go south and you'll see a purple orb. This creates a knight on
a hallway of this room, and a second one gets created as well.

Leaf explains that these are called Phantoms, and that you cannot hurt them.
Instead, you have to sneak past them and make sure they do not see you. If they
see you, you'll have to run into a safe zone as fast as possible. If they hit
you, then you'll lose some time and start at the entrance of the room, having
to do some stuff you did all over again. Anyway, start by heading east and
taking the path up. You will come to a locked door. To the left of it is a
crystal switch. Hit it, and a torch will light up. Head back to the entrance of
the room and go south. You'll see the torch that was lit. Before the timer runs
out, take out your Boomerang and target the lit torch, then the unlit one.
Throw it to light the second torch, making some flames to the left disappear.

Now, head west of the torches and go north. If a Phantom is nearby, hide in a
nearby safe zone until he passes you, then keep going north. To the right are
two red pots and a skeleton. Talk to the skeleton to find out that the red pots
have magical contents. Break the pots to reveal puddles, which are safe zones.
Use these if you ever need them. By the way, if you ever want to carry a puddle
to a certain location, just lift the pot rather than breaking it immediately,
then carry it over to wherever you want and throw it. Head right to find a
switch. Press it and the door to the left will open. Head there and head up the
steps, then take the Small Key. Make your way around to the northeastern end of
the room, then unlock the door there and head to the next room.

In this room, there is a Phantom to the left that is guarding a lever. We're
gonna have to make him move without him catching up to us and hitting us. To do
this, head over to him, and let him spot you. Run around the big block on the
right side, and back around to where he was standing. At this point, he won't
notice you. Pull the lever he was guarding to make the flames disappear, then
go back to the entrance of the room. While standing in the safe zone, target
the crystal switch to the south using the Boomerang, then throw it to hit it.
You'll hear a timer. Go southwest and then directly up when the Phantom isn't
looking, then hit the second crystal switch. With both hit, a Small Key will
drop down by some spikes. Head south to the newly revealed path.

Go west to find a red pot. Break it to find a safe zone, then stand by the wall
of fire. Target the crystal switch to the south in the corner using the
Boomerang, then throw it to hit it. This removes the wall of fire blocking your
path. Head south and stand in the nearby safe zone. Patrolling the corridors
ahead is another Phantom. If you want to trap him, then wait until he goes to
the right, then up, then back down again. Then, go east and to the small area
with the crystal switch and raised/lowered blocks. Hit the crystal switch when
he spots you and gets inside, then quickly run back around. If you don't want
to trap him, however, then just head east when he isn't around and break the
red pot, then stand in that safe zone.

When he's going left, head up the northern corridor and stand on the switch.
This will lower the spikes guarding the key across them. Don't get off of the
switch and get the Small Key with the Boomerang. Make your way back to the
middle part of the room (use the area where the colored crystal switch is as a
shortcut), then unlock the door and take the stairs down. In the next room,
Leaf will tell you that we're really close to finding the clue to the Ghost
Ship. Yay! Don't you hate this place already? I know I do. Head directly north
to a golden pot, which contains an extra thirty seconds. Head west to a safe
zone with a chest. Open it to receive a Force Gem. Leaf explains that the Force
Gems have to be used in order to go deeper into the dungeon.

You have to carry them to a pedestal at the right side of the room to open the
next door. You only walk while carrying a Force Gem, though; you cannot run. If
a Phantom sees you while you have one, quickly tap somewhere in the room to
throw it, then run to a safe zone. Quickly pick it back up when you can. Also,
if a Phantom spots you while you have a Force Gem, a fire wall will block the
path to the three pedestals until you get away. Take the Force Gem you have
over to the right side of the room (look on the map and take it to the area
with the big safe zone). Walk up to one of the slots, which are pedestals, and
tap it to throw the Force Gem into it. Two more to go. Head to the southeastern
corner of the room to find another chest containing the second Force Gem.

Take that one over to another pedestal, and place it in there. Now for the last
one. If you look on the map, you'll see that there is a Phantom that patrols
the area with a Small Key in his possession. Since we can't hurt Phantoms, you
are probably wondering how the heck you get it. No worries. Head to the
southwestern corner of the room to find a lever. Pull it, and a wall of flames
will disappear to the east. Head over there and take that path up to a ledge.
Break the red pot here to make a safe zone, then stand in it. Wait until the
Phantom holding the key walks over to the right, past the spikes. When he's on
the middle part of the floor, step on the switch to the right to activate a
trapdoor, making him fall down and drop the key.

Head down there and grab the key, then head back south and go west. Unlock the
door here, then open the chest to get the last Force Gem. Take it to the last
pedestal and place it in there, then the door in front of you will open. Head
to the next area. In here, you'll notice that the Sand of Hours no longer goes
down while you're in this room. Head west past that door, and Ciela will notice
that there's no dark fog. Keep going left and head up, then open the big chest
to get the Northwestern Sea Chart. This will reveal a new section of the sea
for you to explore, but it's all dusty. Ciela suggests taking it to Linebeck,
then a blue portal appears to the right. Use it to return to the entrance, then
exit the dungeon.



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