The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of Fire

When you enter the temple, head north and Ciela will warn you of the flames
ahead. Head north and avoid making contact with the flames, then head right
and avoid the fire snake. Kill the Red ChuChu, then go north and jump across
the next two platforms. Now, examine the map on the wall and it will tell you
about a safe path. There is a green arrow that follows a certain path. For now,
get off of this screen. Ciela will say to make a note of this path, but we
can't just yet. Go south and the door behind you will shut, then some Keese
will appear. Defeat them all and the door will open, then the flames to the
left will disappear. Open the chest to get a Small Key, then head back north
and examine the map again.

Touch the Map icon and draw the path shown on the top map, at the northeastern
part of your map. You will need this. Jump over to the locked door and open it,
then follow the path you just drew. If you don't, you'll fall down trapdoors in
the floor. Open the chest you come to for a Red Rupee, then continue to four
crystal switches. Stand in the middle of them and do a spin attack. When you
hit them all at the same time, the door at the middle of this floor will open.
Head back to the middle of the room, then go north and to the next area. In
this area, go east and defeat the Red ChuChu and Yellow ChuChu, then hit the
crystal switch at the northwestern corner. This will turn it blue, raising the
blue blocks and lowering the red ones.

Head back around and go north, then head east past the lowered blocks. Follow
the path to a room where the door behind you will shut. Defeat the green slime
enemies that appear, then a chest will appear and the door will open. Open the
chest to get the Boomerang! Since this is your first main item, it is equipped
by default. To use it, tap the icon at the northeastern corner of the screen or
hold L/R. Then, draw the path of the Boomerang and it will be thrown exactly in
that path. Head east and you'll see a crystal switch in the distance. Use the
Boomerang to hit it, then the flames to the left will disappear. Head left and
follow the path, then you'll come to two torches that shoot out flames at you.
To the left are two crystal switches.

Quickly take out the Boomerang and throw it at the switches. Do this before you
get hit by the flames from the torches, then the torches will unlight and the
flames to the right will disappear. Follow the path down to the next room. In
here, follow the path to some lowered red blocks. Stand outside of these blocks
and draw a path with the Boomerang, around the blocks to a blue crystal switch.
Throw it at the switch to turn it red, raising the red blocks and lowering the
blue ones. Now, head south past the lowered blocks and a door behind you will
shut. You now have to defeat two Red Bubbles. To defeat them, first hit them
with the Boomerang to make the flames around them disappear. You cannot target
them, so your aiming must be percise.

After the flames around them are gone, defeat them with your sword. When both
of them are defeated, the door that shut on you opens, along with a green door
to the left. Follow the path to the next area. In this room, there are two
fire snakes and two Fire Keese. Fire Keese can only be killed by using the
Boomerang, and you can't target them. Quickly take care of them, then head
southeast to a lever. Pull it, and go west to a gossip stone. Hit it and it
will tell you how many treasure chests are left on this floor. For a price of
20 Rupees, he'll show you where the chests are. It's not at all worth it,
however. These are spreaded throughout each dungeon, so keep that in mind. Go
back north and jump across to the right.

Be careful of the long fire snake and jump across to the other side. Defeat the
Fire Keese here and a chest will appear in the corner. Open it to find a Red
Rupee, then go south and head west. Pull the lever here, and with the levers on
both sides pulled, a door in this room opens. Head back north and jump across
to the other side, then follow the path. If you look on the Touch Screen, you
can see that there's a rat holding a key, just like last time. Stand outside of
the room and take out your Boomerang. Draw a path to either of the holes, then
when the rat goes to run into that hole, throw the Boomerang. When you hit him,
take the Small Key and head back to the right, jumping over to the other side
once again. Head southeast to find a crystal switch across on a platform.

Use the Boomerang to hit it, raising the blue blocks and lowering the red ones.
Go north and defeat the Octorok that constantly shoots out nuts. Now, use the
Boomerang and draw a path over to the crystal switch that you just hit. Hit it
again to lower the blue blocks and raise the red ones, then head to the locked
door and open it. Take the stairs up to the next area. In this room, go south
and avoid the fire snake, then examine the map on the wall. You will see some
numbers, indicating that you have to hit some switches in a certain order. Take
out your map and write the order down at the same location shown on the top
map, then head all the way north. Defeat the slime enemy, then blow out the
candle by blowing into the mic.

Head left to another candle, then defeat the next slime enemy. Blow out both
candles to make the flames in front of you disappear. Head north and stand on
the center tile. Take out your Boomerang and you'll see four switches. Target
them in the same order written down on your map, then throw it. If you hit the
four switches in the correct order, a Small Key will drop down across from you.
Use the Boomerang to snag it, then head southwest to a locked door. Open it,
then you'll see a big block. This leads to the boss, but ignore it for now and
go left. The door behind you will shut. Be careful of the torch that shoots out
flames in the middle, and defeat all of the enemies. Once they're defeated, the
door you entered from will open, along with another door to the north.

Go north and defeat the two Red Bubbles, then some flames will disappear. Go
forward to find a sign. Read it, and it says that the way will open once all of
the three torches are lit. Step on the switch and the left torch will light.
Stay on the switch and take out the Boomerang, then target the lit torch and
then target the unlit ones. Throw it, and the Boomerang will carry the flame
over to the other two torches, lighting them. This will cause some flames to
disappear over on the right side. Head southeast and to a pit. You cannot jump
over it; you'll just fall down. Stand by this pit and take out the Boomerang,
then target the crystal switch on the platform across, in the corner. Throw it
to hit it, making the pit get covered up, allowing you passage.

Head to that area and avoid the fire snake, then head north. Hit the pots if
you need hearts, then open the big chest to get the Boss Key! Now, head back
southwest and across where the pit was. To get there without getting hit by the
fire snake, head around the right side and follow the fire snake down. Make
your way south, then east to the big block you ignored earlier. Tap it with the
Boss Key in your hand to throw it into the block, making it lower. Head up the
stairs to the next room. In here, head north and two torches will light up.
Read the sign on the right. It says that the Spirit of Power is in here. Read
the sign on the left, and it will say to step into the blue portal to return to
the entrance of the temple.

A blue portal will then appear. The pots on the right contain hearts if you
need them, although you should've gotten some just a moment ago. Head north and
to the next area. Here, go forward and the door behind you will shut, then
Blaaz, the Master of Fire will appear. Read the Bosses section to see how to
defeat this boss. Once you win, he'll turn into grains of sand, and the sand
disappears. Suddenly, the middle of the ground lights up, and a purple light
emits from it. It turns into a red fairy, then the fairy introduces herself as
Leaf, the Spirit of Power. After some dialogue, she joins with you. Open the
chest that appears to get a Heart Container, then step into the blue portal.



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