The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Isle of Ember

Upon arriving here, you will see a volcano pit in the center of the island.
After Linebeck and Ciela debate some more, agree with him about getting us to
the island (even though he really didn't). He will stay behind and "guard the
ship". When you gain control, ignore the house in front of you, because it is
empty. Head southeast and read the sign, which points to the fortune-teller's
house to the north. Go there and enter the house. Inside, head down the stairs
to the basement. The door behind you will shut, then some Octoroks will appear.
Defeat them with ease, then the door will open again. Head right to the other
door and Ciela will hear some footsteps. She says to say something out loud,
which requires you to yell into the mic of the DS.

However, if you don't want to look like a moron by yelling, then just blow into
the mic very hard. Either way works. Once you do it, the person behind the door
will speak. It is Astrid, the fortune-teller we're looking for. She hid herself
in the basement to protect herself from the monsters. She says that in order to
open the door, you'll need to do a certain thing. Kayo, her assistant, knows
how to solve the puzzle. Examine the map on the wall and it will tell you to
mark the location of the island's three torches. Ignore it for now and exit the
house. Back outside, head south and enter the house nearby. Read the diary
inside, and you'll see that the note is from Kayo. He has passed away over at
the eastern side of the island. With this information, exit the house.

Go all the way to the middle-eastern side of the island. Defeat the Red ChuChus
and the Tektites along the way, and you'll eventually come to a pile of dead
bones. Walk up to them and a ghost will appear. Ciela gets scared, but soon
calms down. This is Kayo, and he tells you that the secret to freeing Astrid
are the three torches scattered on the island. He shows you the location of one
torch, which is right behind him. Mark that spot on your map so you won't
forget it, then make your way northwest and into the next area. To defeat the
Yellow ChuChus, run away from them until the electric on them disappears, then
attack. If you get shocked, the map will be blurry for about ten seconds.
Anyway, in the next area, go left and you'll find the second torch.

Mark this torch's location on your map as well, then go back to the previous
area. Head all the way southwest back to the area leading to Astrid's place.
Enter Kayo's house again to find another torch. Mark this one on your map as
well, then exit and go back to Astrid's place. Head into the basement, then
head right and examine the map on the wall. Now that you know where the three
torches are, look at your map on the top and mark those same spots on the
bottom map. Once you do that, Astrid will be freed. She will ask for your
name, so tell her that you'll tell it to her. Next, tell her that you came here
by a ship. She says that the Ghost Ship attacked this island a few days ago,
hence Kayo's fate. Allow her to tell you your fortune.

She will tell you to meet her upstairs, and you'll automatically appear up
there. Linebeck will enter, and after some complaining, Astrid enters the room.
She'll then get your fortune and tell it to you. Tell her that you still wish
to save Tetra, and she'll tell you to make way for the Temple of Fire on the
summit of the island. Linebeck chickens out like the coward that he is. Exit
the building, then head southeast and into the next area. Head right, and Ciela
will tell you to tap the nearby door to open it. The sign near the door says
only those with approval can enter, which we have. Before we spoke with Astrid
and got our fortune told, the door was blocked by an electric barrier. Anyway,
tap the door to open it, then follow the path up the mountain.

In the next area, go left and you'll see the volcano erupt. Magma boulders will
now fall down as you climb up, so be careful! Keep climbing up the mountain and
defeat the Tektites along the way. You will come to two lit candles, where the
entrance of the temple is. It's sealed right now. Walk up to a candle and blow
softly into the mic to blow out the flame. Do this for the second candle and
the entrance to the temple will open.



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