The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Temple of the Ocean King

When you enter, you'll see piles of dead bones all over the ground. Ciela
thinks that one of them is Linebeck. Guess we're gonna have to find out. You
can walk up to the skeletons and a blue flame will appear, which means you can
see what they're saying by tapping on them. Listen to what all of them are
saying if you wish, then head north and into the next area. In this room, you
will hear a voice. Proceed forward and you'll hear it again, then Ciela will
see Linebeck trapped to the north. He calls for your help, and after Ciela and
Lineback argue some, he will say that he "sprained his ankle", and will ask for
your help. Accept it, and he'll say that you have to lower the spikes. Head
forward and he'll tell you something else he forgot to say.

If you step off of the purple tiles, the temple will drain your life away. The
purple squares are safe zones, so keep that in mind. Head west and stand in the
safe zone there, then hit the pots with your sword to get your hearts back.
Head north to the next safe zone where a crystal switch is. Hit it, and the
spikes where Lineback is trapped will lower. He'll then run off towards the
previous room (I thought he sprained his ankle?), so follow him. At the
entrance of the room, a cutscene will commence. Ciela and Linebeck will argue
some more, and Link explains the situation. As he keeps shaking up Link, he
eventually givwes in and gives him a Small Key for this place. Once you finally
regain control, head back to where the crystal switch was and unlock the door.

Go northwest to a safe zone where another crystal switch is. Hit it, and you'll
hear a countdown timer which will cut off after a short time. Head over to the
right, then go north (the weird part of the floor is a trap). Follow the path
to another crystal switch, then hit it. If both of the crystal switches in this
room were hit fast enough, the door in the middle will open. Go to where the
door was, then head north. Break the pots for some hearts, then open the chest
to get a Sea Chart. This will reveal the southwestern sea on the Sea Chart,
which is a clue to finding the Ghost Ship. Make your way back to the entrance
of this area, and you'll see that Lineback is gone! Exit the temple.



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