The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Mercay Island

Link will awaken beside a mysterious fairy, and she will introduce herself as
Ciela. Link will explain the situation, then Ciela will say that her grandpa
can probably help, and that she lost her memory awhile ago. She shows you where
her grandpa's house is, then tells you to tap the stylus in the direction you
want to move in. Just hold the stylus in the spot you want to move in. We can't
explore much of this place just yet; the bridge going over to the right side is
broken. So for now, make your way into the house on the right (on the left side
of the screen). Inside, you'll see Ciela's grandpa. Tap people to talk to them.
Talk to him, and he'll introduce himself as Oshus. He says that you really
shouldn't go to the Ghost Ship at all, but we can't settle for that, can we?

After some debating between Ciela and Oshus, he decides to let you go. He says
to find Lineback at the harbor to the east, and he shows you the location of
the harbor on your map. Ciela asks if she can go with Link, and Oshus accepts.
Some more dialogue commences, then you regain control. In this game, you can
mark important spots and other things on your map, which means you can't really
forget where you have to go. So, touch the Menu at the bottom-left corner and
choose the Map. Mark the southeastern harbor on the map, then exit the map
screen and exit the building. Outside, head left and you'll hear an earthquake.
I wonder what that was... Continue north and read the sign, which tells you
that there are monsters ahead. Head into the next area. Here, go forward and
you'll see three Red ChuChus.

Ciela says that you can't fight here without a weapon, so exit this area for
now. Head to the building on the left side, and the man will tell you to speak
to him. Do so, and he'll want you to lift the rocks out of his garden. He tells
you how to do that as well. Lift them all and speak to him again, then he'll
give you a whopping 1 Rupee for your (not-so-hard) efforts. Cheapskate. He'll
tell you about a tree located at the northeastern corner of the village. Mark
it on your map, because we'll come to it later. Head back up to Oshus's house,
then go east and lift the barrel blocking the cave. Enter it. Inside, head
north and you'll see a door, along with a sign with nothing written on it.
Ciela says that this is Oshus's storehouse.

Try to read the sign, and then exit the cave and go back to Oshus's house.
Speak with him, and he'll tell you not to try and cross the northern path
without something to defend yourself with. Ciela suggests looking for a sword
somewhere, so head back into the cave to the east and walk up to the sign
again. Ciela says that Oshus has a sword stored in the back of this cave, and
that to open the door, you'll need to write something on the sign: the number
of palm trees on the beach. If you head outside and go to the beach, you will
count seven total palm trees. Tap the sign and write the number "7" on it, then
the door will open. If you mess up, tap the Rewrite icon in the bottom-right
corner. When the door opens, open the chest ahead to get Oshus's Sword. Yay!
The book on the table to the right gives you some sword tips.

Exit the cave. Back outside, you'll see Oshus, and he'll tell you that you
shouldn't fight monsters without knowing how to handle that sword. And so, he
takes you inside his house for swordsmanship training. Talk to him and he'll
start the training, teaching you the target attack first. Four logs will
appear. Just tap the logs to lock onto them and destroy them instantly. After
all four have been destroyed, he'll teach you the side slash. To do that, just
draw a curved line or a straight line on the Touch Screen. Destroy the four
logs using this attack, then he'll teach you the spin attack. Draw a circle
around Link to do it. If you do a spin attack too many times in a row, you'll
get dizzy temporarily.

Destroy the four logs using spin attacks, then the training ends. Once you're
done, exit the house. Now, it's time to go to that area full of monsters. Head
west and go north, past the sign and into the next area. Head north and defeat
the Red ChuChus, then hit the gossip stone nearby. It'll tell you how to do a
somersault (a roll), which is done by drawing small circles at the edge of the
screen. A much easier way to do it is by moving the stylus in the direction
you're walking in two times, fast. Feel free to get used to rolling and using
the sword, then roll into the tree nearby to find a Red Rupee (worth 20). Head
south and cut the trees down, then enter the cave. Inside, follow the path and
lift the rocks, and you'll come to a locked door.

Head east and defeat the Red ChuChus that come up from the ground, then open
the chest to get a Small Key. Go back to the locked door and tap it to unlock
it, then follow the path to the main area. Defeat the Red ChuChus in here, then
read the sign at the northeastern corner. It tells you that you should pull the
levers in the right order, and we're going to have to figure out the order. So,
head west and you'll see a block. Read the sign by the block and it will tell
you how to move them. Move this block east a few times, then go west to the
path that was revealed. Defeat the Keese. The sign here says to pull the second
lever from the left. After reading it, Ciela will say that it must be a clue,
and to write it down on your map.

Do so if you wish, then head all the way east to another block. Pull that one
out of the way and head right, to some more Keese. Defeat them and read the
sign, which tells you that for the second lever, pull the first one on the
left. For the last one, pull the second from the right. With all of this
information, we can solve the puzzle. Open the nearby chest for a Red Rupee,
then head back to the middle and up to the door to the north. Now, go to the
row of levers on the left, and pull the one on the right. Pull the one on the
left next, then head all the way right and pull the lever on the far right.
Finally, pull the one just left of that one to solve the puzzle, making a Small
Key fall into the middle of the room.

Take it and unlock the door ahead, then go up the stairs. In the next area,
head north and defeat the rats, then go left at the path split. You'll see a
glimpse of a rat holding a key. Go left and pull the block toward you, then
push it up to the hole in the wall. Head around to the right, where another
hole is. The rat will come out of that hole, and if he sees you, he'll retreat
back into it. With the other hole blocked, though, he can't really go anywhere.
The trick is to go south where he can't see you. When he comes out of the hole,
he will run to the other hole which should be blocked. He'll then go back to
the right. When this happens, head north and attack him to kill him. Take the
Small Key and unlock the door to the right.

Defeat the Keese, then go right and follow the path out of the cave, defeating
the rest of the Keese along the way. When you exit the cave, you'll be back out
at the village on the port side. There are a few buildings you can enter and
some people you can talk to, if you wish. Regardless, head southeast and you'll
see a man by a ship. He says that it belongs to Linebeck, although he has no
clue where he's gone. He suggests asking the bar owner, so head west and enter
the wide building (look on the map). Inside, speak with the bar owner. After
some chatting, he says that Linebeck took off for the Temple of the Ocean King,
which is ruled over by the Ocean King himself. Apparently, the temple sucks the
life away out of whoever enters it. Oh well, we have to do it anyway. He will
show you where the temple is located on your map.

Exit the bar and go all the way north, towards where you marked the location of
that tree on your map earlier. At the next area, head left and go up the steps.
Go to where the tree you marked on your map is, then roll into it and a huge
Rupee will fall down. Pick it up, for it is worth 100. Awesome. Continue left
and into the next area. Keep going left, and you'll come to a temple. This is
the Temple of the Ocean King, which you should enter.



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