The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

Tetra's Ship

Niko will try to awaken Link, who is sleeping on the deck of the ship. Tetra
comes down and wakes him up, then she and her crew start talking about the
Ghost Ship, which is said to appear around this area of the sea. Apparently,
there is said to be an Ocean King that protects the seas. Tetra has doubts
believing that the Ghost Ship is real, when suddenly, the sky turns dark and a
strange ship appears. It approaches Tetra's ship, then she jumps on. A scream
from her is heard, then Link tries to jump on the Ghost Ship. As he hangs on,
he falls off and into the water. You'll then hear Tetra calling out to you,
telling you to save her. You'll hear the voice of a fairy after that, and wake
up on a strange island.



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