The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

III. Game Basics

This section will list the basics of Phantom Hourglass. If you are new to this
game or the Zelda series in general, be sure to read this section before you
start playing!


This is your health in the Legend of Zelda series. Almost all Zelda games have
you start with three hearts (the only one I can think of that hasn't is Zelda 2
for the NES). Each time an enemy hits you, you lose a certain amount of one
heart. In this game, you have to collect Heart Containers scattered throughout
the islands in the game to increase your life energy. Each Heart Container will
increase your hearts by 1. In most Zelda games, you had to collect Pieces of
Heart to increase your life energy, but this time it's just Heart Containers.
You can find small hearts to recover your energy from enemies and such.


Your source of income in the Zelda series. Rupees are shiny gems that come in
different colors. Each color gives you a certain amount of Rupees, and you'll
often find them from enemies and rocks and such. In this game, when you collect
a Rupee, you'll see a Rupee symbol appear showing you how much you have. It
then disappears, however, and you have to collect more Rupees to see the amount
you have. You automatically have a huge wallet when you start the game, so you
don't have to worry about finding a bigger-sized wallet.

Sea Charts

In the Temple of the Ocean King, you will find Sea Charts on certain floors.
Collecting these charts reveal another part of the sea on your map, allowing
you to access that part of the sea. It is required to reveal all of the
locations of the sea in order to beat the game.

Treasure Maps

These are way more rare than they were back in The Wind Waker. You will find
them from certain chests in the game, although not often. Collecting them
reveals the location of another treasure in the sea, marked by an "X". Sail to
that spot and salvage the treasure!


Don't worry, sailing isn't nearly as annoying as many people think it was in
The Wind Waker. In fact, sailing is quick and easy. Just draw a route on the
Touch Screen to the place you want to go to, then you'll sail to that location.
On the way, you will probably encounter some enemies. Shoot them with your
cannon when you have it equipped by tapping on the enemy. To change the view
around while sailing, slide the stylus to the left or right until you are
satisfied with the view. If you are not satisfied with your current route,
simply redraw it. You can do it while sailing. Draw a path to the anchor symbol
on an island and you can sail onto it. Draw a path onto Beedle and you can sail
to his ship.


Once you get to the point in the game where you get the Salvage Arm, you can
pull up treasure from the sea. Sail to spots on your map marked by an X, then
tap the Menu icon, and then tap Salvage. You'll have to snag a treasure and
pull it back up while avoiding Octomines. To operate the crane, slide the
little square on the bar at the bottom to move it left and right. Slide it up
and down to control the speed of the crane. Snag the Rupees captured in bubbles
as well. If you get hit by an Octomine, your crane will lose some health. The
crane gets demolished if it loses all of its health, so be careful.

Heart Containers

After you defeat each boss in the game, they leave behind a chest. Inside the
chest is a Heart Container, which adds 1 total heart to your life energy. In
this game, there are no Pieces of Heart. Instead, you have to find nothing but
Heart Containers scattered throughout the game. Obviously they will be more
rare than Heart Pieces, but with this guide, you don't have to worry about
where to find them.

Boss Keys

In this game, there are no boss doors. Instead, there are blocks that block the
room to the boss that you must open with a Boss Key. Once you find it from a
chest in the dungeon, you have to carry it all the way to the block. Then, you
have to tap the block to throw the Big Key into it, unlocking it.




Side Quests

Item List