The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Game Guide

II. Controls

Phantom Hourglass is controlled through the Touch Screen only. The buttons do
something, but nothing particularly useful. Many people didn't like the game
due to the controls, but once you get used to them, it's not bothersome.


"A" Button: Brings up the Inventory list

"B" Button: Brings up the map on the Touch Screen

"Y" Button: Brings up the Save, Collection, Sea Chart, and Map list

"X" Button: Does nothing

"L" Button: Hold this button down to take out the item you have equipped

"R" Button: Hold this button down to take out the item you have equipped

"Start" Button: Pauses the game, allowing you to resume it or save and quit

"Select" Button: Brings up the Collection screen (called "Items"), where you
                 can see how much time you have in the Phantom Hourglass total,
                 see how much arrows you have total, etc.

D-Pad: Does the same things the A, B, and Y buttons do. Press the direction
       that's in the same position as the button

Touch Screen

Moving: Point the stylus at the direction you want to move in. To move slower,
        the stylus must be pointed near Link. To move faster, point it way
        ahead of Link

Attacking: There are two ways to attack. One, slide the stylus in a curved line
           to do a regular sword slice. Slide the stylus in a straight line to
           do a thrust. Lastly, you can tap on a nearby enemy and Link will
           attack it automatically

Spin Attacking: Spin the stylus in a circle around Link

Rolling: Slide the stylus in the direction you're going in two times fast.
         Another way to do it is to draw half of a circle in the direction you
         are going in, although that's harder to do

Using Your Shield: In this game, there's no button or anything that allows you
                   to defend yourself with your shield. Instead, you have to
                   just sit there and let the enemy touch you, then you'll be
                   guarded automatically

Using An Item: When you have an item equipped, touch the icon of the item at
               the top-right corner of the Touch Screen. You'll then take out
               the item from there, where you can use it. Alternately, you can
               hold down L or R and use your item from there

Picking Up Objects: To pick up objects such as rocks, simply get near it and
                    tap the object to lift it. Tap the screen in whatever
                    direction you want to throw it

Opening Doors: To open a door, tap it and you'll walk up to it. Most doors in
               the game need a Small Key to open, which you'll have to walk up
               to in order to open once you have the key. However, some doors
               you can open simply by tapping, then it will open without you
               even getting near it

Talking To People: When in front of someone, simply tap that person and you'll
                   talk to him/her

Reading Signs: To read a sign, walk up to it and tap it. If you're not facing
               the front of the sign, you won't be able to read it




Side Quests

Item List