Sonic and the Secret Rings Game Guide

5.c.3. Good Ring Skills Combinations
These are meant as suggestions of skills that work well together in 
certain situations. Some of these skills require you to be at a high 
level too, so be patient!

Have any good combos? I would love to hear about them!

Perfect Challenge Ring:
Aegis Slider combined with Hyper Skimmer to get past spikes. Ring 
Exchange so those Rings in the stage are not just useless. Crest of 
Fire to get rid of more dangerous enemies.

No Pearls Ring:
Soul Devourer, Dark Crest and Ring Exchange, charge up your Soul 
Gauge so you can use Time Break later on to avoid more Pearls at high 
speed and make sure to add Hyper Surge. Also Rocket Jump to get over 
pearls safely for sure. Also same tips as for Stealth Attack since 
you can't get enemies. 

Stealth Attack Ring:
If you can, take off Homing Attack. Don't use Fire-type skills except 
Rocket Jump, and even then be very careful...
Aegis Slider plus Skimmer to get past enemies quickly without harm. 
Soul Armor and Soul Resurrection in case they hurt you. 

Rampage Ring:
Increase Fire-type skills, i.e. Fire Gaze, Fire Tackle, and Volcano 
Slider. Be a bit careful about Speed, but for Golds go for it. Fire 
Crest if you have it for sure! Also use H-Expand and related so you 
can Homing Attack large groups of enemies. 
In these missions if you are looking for Experience use Homing Bonus.

Clever Hands Off 1, lower level:
Sub C Devourer, Sub S Devourer and/or Sub-M Grind with highest speed 
skill. Use jumps near the Goal to get rid of Rings.

Clever Hands Off 2, higher level:
Same as 1, but add Crest of Wind to increase Speed and Soul Barrier 
to get Soul for each Ring lost.

Clever Hands Off 3:
Use Ring Exchange, but add Soul Armor and Soul Resurrection so you 
can take a few hits. Crest of Wind won't work here however since it 
needs Rings to work and the Sub skills are useless.

Ring Collector:
High-speed and Ring Bonus. Don't use Crest of Wind, Crest of Dark is 
best to grab lines of Rings during Time break or to sometimes use 
Speed Break.

Chain of Rings:
Go ahead and use Crest of Wind, it doesn't matter here if you burn 
Rings. Use Crest of Dark if you want to use Time Break to grab lines 
of Rings.

Fire Soul Collector:
Take off high speed skills and especially Landing Dash and related so 
you are not going too fast. Fire Lock-on for sure, duh! Add Splash 
Jump to get some Fire Souls. Add Slowed Search to get the few that 
require it. Add Soul Barrier and other Experience skills and Dark 
Crest so you can have plenty of Soul for Time and Speed Break. Add 
Surge skills so you can grab the ones you see during Time Break 

Experience Gaining Ring:
Homing Bonus, Collection Present, etc... plus things for a Perfect 
Challenge Ring, don't get hit! Defeat a boss or go through a stage 
with lots of enemies/Rings. 

Extremely Crazy Fast Ring:
As many of the High Speed skills as possible, especially Hyper Speed 
combined with Crest of Wind. Make sure you have Splash Jump to get 
past some obstacles. Add Soul Barrier for a Soul Boost while you are 
burning Rings with Crest of Ring, Balance and use Aegis Slider/Hyper 
Skimmer to help get you up when you take damage/prevent damage.

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