Army of Two Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Alright, Who Wants Some? (20) Kill 250 enemies using SMGs
Beast with Two Fronts (20) Kill 50 enemies in Back-to-Back mode
Big Boom! Big Bada Boom! (20) Kill 250 enemies using RPGs
Boots on the Ground (10) Play a versus ranked match
Dead Man's Hand (20) Kill 150 enemies using handguns
Elite PMC (50) Complete all missions as a professional
Fear is The Mind Killer (45) Spend one minute at full aggro
Field Medic (30) Drag and heal your partner 25 times
Fission Mailed (20) Kill 25 martyrs by shooting their bomb packs
Flip You. Flip You For Real (20) Kill 50 enemies using melee
If I Were a Rich Man (40) Earn one million dollars in the campaign
If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It (30) Kill 25 heavy armor enemies
L'Abattoir (30) Kill 100 enemies while in overkill power mode
Man of Many Masks (50) Purchase every mask variant
My Kind of Case! (40) Collect all information cases in the game
My Virtual Friend (35) Complete all missions with the partner AI
One Gun is Enough (35) Win a ranked match without purchasing any additional weapons
One Shot. One Kill. (20) Kill 100 enemies using sniper rifles
Out of Debt (15) Heal your partner
Retirement Savings Plan (40) Earn one billion dollars in ranked matches
Running Man (30) Kill 75 enemies while in overkill stealth mode
Say Hello to my Little Friends (45) Purchase the MP7, M134, DAO-X Protecta, MGL MK-X, and M107
Seven-six-two Millimeter (20) Kill 250 enemies using assault rifles
Spray and Pray (20) Kill 250 enemies using machine guns
Starting a Riot (30) Kill 50 enemies in co-op riot shield
Stonewall (30) Kill 30 enemies using the riot shield melee attack
Surviving The Game (25) Complete a ranked match without being revived
The Devil's in the Details (20) Complete 20 minor objectives in a ranked match
This is my Boom Stick! (20) Kill 250 enemies using shotguns
Two Eyes are Better Than One (35) Kill 5 enemies using co-op snipe
Weapon Specialist (15) Purchase 3 weapons