Enchanted Arms Achievements

Achievement (Points)

Betrayal (25) Defeat the traitor in the abandoned mineshaft
Bizzare (25) Defeat Tokimune's bodyguards at Kyoto Palace
Close (75) Defeat the Queen of Ice at the Ice Palace
Conclusion (25) Defeat Ouka at London Castle
Deep in the Ruins (25) Defeat Fire Golem in the sealed off area
Defender (25) Defeat Poseidon at Entei's Temple
Deja Vu (25) Defeat the Sphinx at the white flower field
Destiny (25) Defeat Ouka in the abandoned mineshaft
Fanaticism (75) Defeat Professor Kou at the magic research facility
First Meeting (25) Fight with Yuuki in a gambling match
Gaudian (25) Defeat Odin in the Sage's Tower
Grand Finale (150) Happy Ending
Immobile (75) Defeat Saisho at the Temple of Trials
Mysterious Enemy (25) Defeat Minotaurus in the abandoned mineshaft
Ocean (25) Defeat Aquagel at the wharf
Purgatory (75) Defeat Entei at Entei's Temple
Raid (25) Defeat Oboro at Iwato village
Reform (25) Defeat Sayaka at Iwato village
Rescue (25) Defeat Oboro at the Ninja mansion
Resolve (25) Defeat Touya at the Ice Palace
Riddle (25) Defeat the mysterious man in the Graveyard Town
Running Wild (75) Defeat the Queen of Ice in the sealed off area
Sea of Trees (25) Defeat Amazonia in the underground military path
Subordinates of Ice (25) Beat Siren in the Sage's Tower
Tragedy (25) Defeat Cerberus at the magic research facility