The Darkness Game Guide


The Real World

Collectables: 4, 40

Go see Aunt Sarah

You're back in the Canal Street Station. Talk to Jimmy and grab the new 
objective. Dial the freaking 100 number! 

You can find a Terence Willis in need of help near the East side stairs. Accept
his proposal and save it for later.

Find a Lucas Hellinger nearby for another seedy proposal. You can play all you
want, but you'll never win, so don't bother for now.

George Hadel has the same old story, so help him out yet again and add his 
request to the queue.

Near the other stairs is a Dana Cutrone who needs your help. After you have 
collected the other side quests, take the quick detour to Chinatown. No mob
hitmen waiting this time. Just go forward into the alley and take the first 
door on the right. Knock on the door at here and don't ask nicely for the keys,
ask for the keys. Take them and enter the room to collect a number and a new
outfit for your Darklings. 

From here, go back to the main road and head back to the station, but stop by
one of the blue mailboxes to drop off the letters. Report back to Dana with
the good news. Now you can dial your two new numbers. 

Head up the Lower East Side stairs for an interesting encounter, and then up
to the Side.

Lower East Side Revisited

Collectables: 54, 47, 46, 45, 20

Meet Aunt Sarah

Yes, you've been here before, there just aren't any cop cars flying in at you
everytime you take a step. Follow the path through the alley and climb the 
ladder on the fence at the end. Jump down from the walkway up here and collect
another number. Now jump down. 

Pop the street lights at the corner and look down the street. There is Scarr
and his boys down the road, and then Willis' guys in front of the Whitefish.
Use the handguns to take out Scarr and his guys from afar, then go collect the
harmonica and hearts. Now turn around and handle the group of punks. And after
everyone is waxed you will have two objectives completed.

You can return to Canal Station before you go to the row of houses in the 
corner. Terence reveals the secret to the cups game. So return to Lucas and 
use the 'distract him' option. Now dial the four new numbers. 

Be sure to talk with Jimmy to learn about Pete 'Pajamas'. Now I remembered that
one place in Grinder's Lane where there was absolutely nothing in one building
with a bunch of doors. So, jump on the train to Fulton station quickly and head
to the lane. Go forward and turn left to enter the door near the car. You don't
have to find the room, it's heavily guarded. Just pull out your guns, out of 
sight of the guards, and pop out the lights so you can use your power. Kill the
first two, pop out the lights, open the door, kill the cops inside, and then
whack Pete in the kitchen. Take the list from his body. There is also another
outfit for your Darklings.

Now return to the Grape and you get another number. But stop by the Fulton 
station and find a fellow by the name Vinny Mortarello. It's just so nice that
the first hit is around Aunt Sarah. After the chat, stop by the light-talker
in the corner for the interesting bit. Find a Mitch Deval in the opposite 
corner, near the barred door. Accept his request as well. Now hop back on the 
train and return to Jimmy. Oh well, too bad, no reward. 

Okay, after all that mess, NOW return to the Lower East Side. When you get 
there, go up the steps and turn right and go to the small neighborhood. If you
talked with Vinny you will notice the guy in red hanging around outside. Get
close to him and listen to his bad manners; makes killing him all the easier.
Wait for him to turn his back and then perform a stealth kill. 

Now go to the house with the windows and ring the bell. Go into the bedroom 
ahead for collectable 20. Talk with Sarah about whatever and you'll be given
the task of going to Gun Hill.

Head back into the station, but on your way you will see a car rush in and a 
gang of goons will hop out. Don't let them get settled and just start shooting
away; you don't have to use the Darkness if you are fast enough. Collect the 
loot and head down. You can use the number if you wish. Then hop on the train.
Go past Charlene and enter the door across the tracks. 

Gun Hill

Collectables: 21, 71, 70

Find Shrote

Just go all the way down the left path and enter the door to find Abe Hunter. 
Take the key and enter the elevator to use it. Enter the first door and Shrote
will make his escape. Slip to the left and enter the room to find some ammo 
near another number. Keep moving and you will keep following Shrote. Eventually
you will find a big room where you find a new gun, the Assault Rifle. There is
also a lot more ammo in the room. Move along and you will see him run through a
door that locks. Quickly break the lights around and watch as the copter gets
close. Make sure your Darkness is on as the thing begins to fire. After you 
pop your head through the window twice, the chopper will fire a missile, and 
you should back into the hallway.

Now you have an exit and the chopper should fly away. Climb the ladder down and
don't take out the light. Jump on top of the units and make sure you stay up
here. Follow them around the edge until you find another number. Hop down to
the area below and follow the ledge (you should be able to look down and see
that bald guy when you first entered the area below) and then hop onto another
unit and follow the venting. Just hop along the vents and hop up where needed
until you arrive at another rooftop. Smash the light and then use your Darkness
as a shield as you gun down the three cops. 

Go toward the door and jump onto the vent and then into the room to collect 
your loot. Follow the path and you'll enter a small room that looks into the 
office space of the police. Sadly, you must kill all the cops. Start by taking
out the lights, then gunplay, summon a Light Killer if you want, and then 
collect all the rewards; there is a bunch of ammo in the corner. 

Take the door on the opposite side and poke out all the lights as you reach the
rooftop. The helicopter takes off, so use this time to shoot out the lights. 
Quickly turn to the corner on the right and grab another number. Now turn 
around and hurry toward the door you came from, but keep going until you see
an opening in the fence and jump through. A quick scene and then return to 
Fulton station. 

Fulton Street Station Again

Find the key

In the station, you can give Vinny the news of your last objective now and he
will give you the update. Now you can use the three new numbers. Then call 
the Butcher.

Pretty simple, just enter the men's bathroom and break open the closed stall
to find the key. Now come out and take the path to the left of the stairs, next
to Mitch. Follow the dark path all the way to City Hall.

City Hall

Collectables: 72, 81

Reach the baths

Follow the tunnel all the way to a deserted train car and enter it for a 
number and an outfit. Move up the steps to talk with Emerson Darke and ask 
about this place. Head down the path and you will get an update for the Deval

Move along and you will literally be bum-rushed. Kill the two quickly and go
around the corner to find two more who try to surprise you. There is one more
when you go around the next corner. 

Open the door and go down; watch out for the brick trap on the bottom step. 
Another number is in the corner. Bust the lights and be sure to Demon Arm the
wire up ahead to disable the fire trap. Proceed and don't step into the water
with the electricity touching it (a life lesson that you've hopefully already
learned before). Switch to the Creeper power and snake your way to the wall 
where the wire is coming from and cut it. Now retract and keep going. 

Now trip the wire and move down the steps where you will have to touch these 
wires and activate the gas trap behind you. Come back out and take cover in to
the right. Use the Creeper again and snake your way to the locked door. Break
the vent above it and unlock the door. Retract and go through.

Deval has gone crazy and has locked himself behind the gate, and behind a 
bulletproof shield. Go to one side and start breaking the chains on the gates.
This will cause him to freak out and get up and start shooting you. So just 
gun him down. Now move to the gate on the right and open it. Move the box 
nearby and use it to jump up. Claim the evil heart and you will have the Black
Hole power.

Grab the number in the corner and then move on. Use the Black Hole on the 
locked gate to lift it open so that you can crawl under. Two more guys down the
path. Hop down and go left all the way to the baths. 

Turkish Baths

Collectables: 74, 24, 82, 25

Find the briefcase

Follow the path and then use your Demon Arm to somewhat clear the debris in
your way. Summon a Light Killer at the portal and take the left path to find a
number. Now come back to the portal and take the other route where you will
have to use your Arm to break a wall. 

You will emerge in a bathroom and you will see a few guys across the way. Try
to bust the light nearby and then start fighting the four guys in here; two 
on bottom, two on top (try a Black Hole). 

Move down the hall, busting lights, and there are two more bent cops in the 
next room. Another will appear on the stairs, and he holds a new gun, the 
AK-47. Bust the lights and assume his position to take out the guys further up
the steps. There are three new enemies in the second level, above the same 
bath as before. 

Cross the small wooden bridge by setting your red dot on it and move forward as
the dot keeps you level. Enter the hall and summon a Light Killer. Then move 
so that you can look into the next room, and then a bunch of guys will come 
after you; maybe the Light Killer will act as a decoy for you (send him in 
first). At 180 hearts you will gain another Darkness level. 

Go forward and another enemy will be waiting around the corner. Get your Black
Hole ready, open the door, and use it to take out the bad guys guarding the 
case.  You will also find the another new gun, the Riot Shotgun. Make
sure to loot the place of all the ammo and then send a creeper over the fence
to grab another number. Now grab the briefcase.

Come out and go down the path to the left for another number. Backtrack past
the old ghost and then go down the path with the blinking light. Grab another
number in the sauna. Now backtrack to the portal. Summon a Gunner and enter
the bathroom where three SWAT members will drop in, so kill them quickly. Stay
out of the ceiling view, collect any ammo, hearts, and then cross over. Should
be one guy to meet you in the second bath area. Then return to the bottom of 
the first bath where more enemies drop down. You can summon a Black Hole,
gun fight, or you can just run through the door and out.

In the long corridor there are two guys hiding behind riot shields. Just hug
a crevice in the wall and summon a Black Hole to open the path. Return to the
debris, have a Black Hole ready, jump over, and use it. Claim the hearts and
return to the tunnels. 

City Hall Revisited

Collectables: 23

Return the briefcase to Joyce

Follow the path around and your old friend Emerson will open the door for you
and give you some advice. Go through and follow part of an old path where you
will hear the voices of the police. Move along and enter a bathroom on the 
left for another number. Summon a Gunner at the gateway and maybe he will start
shooting enemies, but just send him inside the room so he can shoot something.
You poke in and send Black Holes in the directions of the enemies. Make sure
to hide in the archway and shoot the lights; summon more Gunners too. 

Collect hearts and ammo. Come around the barricade when the place is clear and 
watch the door by the second lamp. It will open when you get near and a cop
will come through. Summon either Gunners or Kamikazes to enter the door and 
clear the room for you; just keep sending them down the steps.

Now down this old bum path, summon a Kamikaze, send him to he end, go to the
gateway, summon another, and send him back to where you first found Emerson.
Now bring another one (that makes three Kamikazes) and send him down into the
train tunnel to clear it. 

Back in near the abandoned train car, summon a Gunner and send him down the 
path. Use a Black Hole on the lone SWAT guy, and then hide from the far away
guns on the tracks. There is quite the blockade down the way. It might be 
best to just to poke your head into the open and use the handguns to pick off
each one, because for some reason the Black Hole didn't work quite right. 
Either way, just kill them and move on to safe territory. 

Back to Base

Collectables: 48, 43

Return the case to the Butcher

Help Mitch as soon as you return. Now use all the numbers you've collected. 

Now might be a good time to tackle Vinny's request. Head for Grinder's Lane.
Go scope out the cops hanging around the gate. The one with the camera is your
target. Shoot out one of the lights so you can use your powers and just send
a Black Hole their way. Kill any survivors, loot, and return to Vinny. All you
get is another target for you troubles.

Now go into the bathroom to meet with Joyce. Do the deed and then use the phone
outside. Use the train to return to Canal station. Go ahead and take up the
Lower East Side hit. Go up the steps, turn around, and you will see the gang
near a car. Just summon a Black Hole on them and collect the loot. 

Return to Vinny if you wish and then head to Chinatown. You'll find the dude
in the alley on the corner of Plum and Orchid, so dispatch him as you wish. 
Return to Vinny. Now you're sent to Gun Hill.

Take the corridor behind Vinny and head to the Hill. Go toward the end and turn
on the Creeper power. Look up and enter the open window. There is another 
Darkling outfit up here. Position yourself behind and on the right side of guy
in the chair (don't worry about the light) and just get into position so you
can kill him. Take the heart and retract. Now back to Vinny. At long last, you
finally get the number!

Spend it and then go back to Canal Station and then to the cemetary. Go past
the ghost and enter the yard. Visit Jenny's grave in the corner and then enter
the church after you have the revelation. 

Trinity Church


Spring the trap

Go through the doors to enter the sermon hall. Shrote is behind you, but just
do as he says. Hide behind a pillar and turn on the Darkness when the lights
go out. Whip out your machine guns and kill the guys on the ground first. Then
summon a Gunner to help you as you take out the SWAT up high. Just switch sides
and move around until all are dead and your weakness exposed.

Watch the gruesome events and eventually you will have four options. You will
assume that it is as if you have your Demon Arm on the whole time. So when the
two goons are in the way of the lamp, just press the button while looking at
the case and you will get the story moving.