The Darkness Game Guide

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

Just things to live by.

*Surprisingly, do NOT reload your handguns at each chance. Instead of reloading
	each gun, you will just drop one and replace it with another. And you
	have two guns at any time, and the game is not that tough.

*SHOOT THE LIGHTS! You have the edge in darkness, so make it so. And eventually
	you can use the Demon Arm to knock out lights without using ammo.

*Ammo, at least on normal, is not really a big deal. So you don't have to 
	waste time combing each area for any traces of ammo.

*The handguns are always a solid choice. You should not need the other guns
	for much more than personal choice, or a specific situation. At least
	this applies in the early going.

*To be honest, you don't need anything but the handguns.

That's about it. The gameplay is not complex, and the game is not hard.