Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Liberation                             [Helg44]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 3000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle V2

 + Make your way to the launchstrip
If you are too slow in this mission, missiles from above will rain down and 
kill you. Run west, killing soldiers. You can get past the smashed circle-
looking object at the far south side of it, and head up the elevator. Head west 
into a building, and throw grenades and shoot to kill the soldiers there. In 
the upper corners you can find 1000 Dollar, as well as a depot with health in. 
Head down the elevator on the western side of the room. Pick up C4 from the new 
depot, kill lots of soldiers, and use the C4 to blow up some rocks to dust. 
Head southeast, and then a explosion will blow up the controls to the elevator 
you used to hide Evelyn. On a roof to your east is a missile soldier and a 
normal soldier. Take the missile launcher from the southern depot, then shoot 
them, and walk on the roof yourself after getting back your assault rifle from 
the depot.
Run south over a bridge and press the display at the other side. The bridge 
will blow to bits, so jump down to the middle of the broken bridge and pick up 
1000 Dollar. Extremely many helghast will attack while doing this, but killing 
them is easy, since their AI seems to have been lowered compared to normal 
Helghasts. Hehe. Head southeast, wait for the flames there to stop burning 
while taking health from the depot, and then kill the soldiers that are 
shooting at the jetplane. Before going close to the plane, there is one 
last crate that you can see. It has the final 1000 Dollars. Oh, and watch out 
for small flames on the ground too. With the money collected, go near the 
plane to escape.