Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Confrontation                          [Helg43]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 4000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle V2
 + Escort Evelyn to safety
First, go backwards to find 1000 Dollar in a crate. Have Evelyn follow you and 
kill the two nearby soldiers with your Assault Rifle. Walk east, then south and
have Evelyn wait near the tank that has been cowered in snow. Clear the level 
that you are standing on - there should be two soldiers that can easily be 
taken out by shooting. Then, close to where you had Evelyn wait, you can access 
the roof of a building. Clean the whole roof of soldiers, using grenades and 
bullets. If you need more health, go back to where you started the mission and 
use the depot there. One of the soldiers on the roof drops a keycard that you 
should go and use in the southeastern corner of the area - on the ground, not 
on the roof. Just watch out for a soldier carrying a revolver when walking 
there. On the other side of a gate is a depot with health and grenades. Do not 
take the sniper rifle. Have Evelyn wait near the depot, and then walk a little 
right. When you see the plane, walk back to her, so that it does not hit you.

Now head out on the airstrip where the plane was placed two seconds ago. Kill 
the running pilot fast, so that he does not take away the remaining plane. He 
drops a keycard. Also kill the soldiers here on the airstrip. In the 
southeastern part of the airstrip is a door, with some nearby crates. One has 
1000 Dollar.

and make sure to throw a grenade at the ones on higher ground. Walk 
northeast, take out a mounted gun, and then bring Evelyn a little west 
from the mounted gun to have her hide inside a plane and lower using a 
lift. Take health and grenades from the depot. To the north, some spiders 
will appear, but walk away, and they will kill some helghast soldiers. 
Take out the remaining soldiers using grenades, and then walk far west to 
find 1000 Dollar. Now, get some more health from the depot to the east. 
Walk through the gate and watch Rico being taken away in a plane. You 
will now have to fight Metrac himself.

 + Defeat General Metrac

On your north side are some crates, one of them has 1000 Dollar. Walk north, 
and the gate behind you will close. Metrac will be shooting with an machine-
gun, and some times he will throw several grenades at you at once. To damage 
him, crouch behind some cover. You can use both the plates on the north side of 
the path, and the right depot to cover. After Metrac has shot a burst, it is 
your time to fire. Don't bother with throwing grenades at him though. When he 
throws grenades at you, run away, and quickly take cover again. Repeat until 
Metrac runs away, and a bridge appears to the northwest. Of course, if you need 
health while fighting, use the depots. There's one at each side.

In this area, past the bridge, there are also two depots with health. The best 
strategy to damage Metrac is in fact to go close to him, hiding behind the 
plates near him, so that he cant hit you with bullets. When he throws grenades, 
you need to avoid them though. Shoot at him when he decides to run to one of 
the sides. It is also possible to shoot at the valves on the right side, to 
have them trap Metrac for a while, but I won't have you bother with that.
When Metrac runs off  again, pick up more ammo and health, and then head after 
him again.

Now, he will be sitting inside a mounted gun. Collect all the ammo you can from 
the depots and then hide behind the containers that are furthest away from 
Metrac. Use popping to slowly take out the turret. Remember to lock-on to it 
while shooting. When it has broken, strafing while shooting is your best friend 
to defeat Metrac. This is the hardest part of the boss.