Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Revelation                             [Helg42]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 3000
 Weapon of choice: VNS-10 Scylla

 + Infiltrate the heart of the base
Throw a grenade at the soldier patrolling above you. Head west past the crates 
and then lock onto the soldier patrolling above you at the south side. If you 
do not kill him fast, he will call for two soldiers coming out of a room behind 
you, so be prepared with grenades no matter what. There's health in a crate 
here, on the path leading west. Close to the first depot, kill a soldier and 
then open the depot for frag grenades and health. A gate will open, and two 
soldiers will attack. Grenades for the win. Walk north through the gate, hide 
behind a metal crate there, and use popping to get rid of the mounted gun. 
There is 1000 Dollar in a normal crate close to the mounted gun as well.

 + Protect Shadow Marshall Luger

Now hide behind the crate that some wallmines are connected to, so that you can 
easily hide, and use popping to kill the three attacking soldiers, and then 
disable the mines to continue east and meet Luger. She says to watch her back 
while working, so hide outside of the dark building she walks into, and take 
cover behind the green crate there. Luger will take her time, and four batches 
of soldiers will attack. Make sure you know your popping before you do this, 
since many soldiers will attack, and your chaingun needs to cool down after 
firing. You can eventually take health and grenades from the depot on your 
southeast side. When two soldiers attack at once, take down the one with most 
health first. When Luger is done, a checkpoint will activate and a gate to the 
northwest will open. Run past the two detectors, ignoring the shielded- and the 
normal soldier. Run north, take care of the shotgun-soldier, and run up the 
stairs. Once up there, kill a sniper-soldier and run to kill the two soldiers 
you ignored earlier. The shielded one is near an explosive barrel, so use that 
weakness to kill him. There's a green display here, so press it.

Now, in the far southwestern corner is a depot with health and grenades, and 
right of that depot, in some crates, is another 1000 Dollar. Straight north, 
close to a door, you can find the last 1000 Dollars. Now get down the stairs 
again, and then instead of south to the detectors, go east through the opened 
gate. If you need it, take stuff from the depot you get to, and then walk 
further south to see a gate that locks itself. Now, up from a lift, you will be 
attacked by a mini-boss with 800 Hit Points.

 + Mini boss
This one will not take damage when you throw grenades at it. Hide behind 
containers to avoid being hit, and use the chain-gun as your weapon. Killing it 
is very easy. The boss will walk down from the lift, and start going around the 
circle that the lift is placed in the middle of. Just watch out so that you 
always walk at the opposite side of the circle, compared to the boss, and use 
popping to kill him off. Because of the flippers that prevent you from going 
back in the direction you came from, make sure you are on top of the situation, 
and know what's going on. You will not want to get into

 + Search the prison wing for Rico

With the boss dead, take health and grenades from the depot, and head south 
through the gate that locked itself earlier. Walk east, kill LOTS of soldiers, 
and you will see a torture chamber with a girl inside. Walk northeast from the 
prison after getting health from the nearby depot, and get onto the circled 
concrete-area to press a display. This will open the chamber, so go speak to 
the girl. The girl is in fact, Evelyn. Now, you are done with this mission. All 
the weapons will now have been unlocked, if you have collected enough Dollars.