Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Infiltration                           [Helg41]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 4000
 Weapon of choice: M13 Semi Auto Shotgun
 Hot tip: Watch out for spiders inside crates!

 + Reach the mountain gate to the airbase
You will be followed by Luger this time around, hiding in the eastern corner of 
the map at the beginning of the mission. In the crate straight to the north is 
some ammo for your shotgun. A little to the south is a huge open container with 
some planks in. On its right side there are two crates. There's ammo in the 
upper one, but don't open the lower one since it contains a spidermine. To the 
right of these crates is another one, that has 1000 Dollar in it.
Now, have Luger follow you and hide behind one of the 
big crates in the middle of the area. Walk behind a helghast and kill him with 
your shotgun. Now, have both Luger and yourself hide again, waiting for lots of 
Helghasts to attack one after another. Luger has a very nice weapon (crossbow) 
that will make its projectiles explode after hitting enemies. With the area 
cleaned, walk northwest to find a depot with an Assault Rifle. Have the rifle 
replace your shotgun, since you only really needed it for this part of the 

Now go north until a checkpoint activates. Luger will have you take cover. 
There is a depot between two cable-objects, so take health and grenades from 
there, but ignore the sniper rifle. What you should do now, is to run north 
and start shooting at the soldier on the ground, and throw grenades at the 
mounted guns. You absolutely need Luger to attack the mounted guns, so have her 
do that with her crossbow. The two of you should be able to survive without too 
much hassle. Heal Luger with a syringe if needed. Have her climb up the wall to 
open the gate. Behind the gate, take health, syringe and ammo from the depot 
and then head up using the elevator on your left side. Ignore the gate that has 
a C4-circle aside it.

Now, have Luger stay here, and then open the gate to attract a helghast with a 
shield. Return to where Luger is, and when the shield-guy gets closer, have her 
attack him, since she can use her weapon and still damage him even though he 
has a shield. While she is working on killing that guy, you should exterminate 
all the normal soldiers behind the gate, strafing to avoid their bullets. In 
the east corner is a depot with a chaingun in. Take it. This one has unlimited 
ammo, but needs to cool down after firing a lot. Oh, and do not forget 
the C4 from this depot either. Then walk to the northeastern corner to find a 
open room with a 1000 Dollar-crate in. Afterwards head back east to the big 
gate you ignored earlier, and blow it open with your C4.

Walk though it, ignore the nearby crate since it contains a spider, and hide 
behind some of the metal crates, taking out two soldiers on your right side. It 
is a little more tricky to take the ones shootingfromn the northeast, but in 
fact, Luger should be able to do it alone. With them dead, walk near two usual 
crates, and open them to find some health. Use the chaingun to blow up the 
mounted gun shooting from the east. Since it is so long away, you will be able 
to easily avoid its bullets. Press the display then walk back south and over a 
bridge. Three soldiers will come out of a door, so use a grenade at them. After 
walking over the bridge that appeared after pressing the display, a checkpoint 
will activate, and a spidermine will attack. Shoot it.

On your left hand is a path leading to a small area with a depot that has 
health, grenades and syringes. Watch out for Helghasts coming out of the door 
there tough. Now, walk down again, follow the path and use grenades to take out 
a soldier shooting like crazy at you, and have Luger take care of the snipers 
in two towers. There's some health in a crate on your left side. When you reach 
some very, very, very small snow "mountains", use them for cover, and kill all 
the attacking soldiers by popping and strafing. Walk northwest under a small 
bridge and activate a checkpoint. Take health and  syringes from the nearby 
depot, but ignore the crate, since it has a spider inside. You will see some 
machinery that is moving. Have Luger climb up to the nearby ledge to press a 
display. This will stop one gear. Have her take care of the attacker on the 
ledge, and kill the one that attacks from the nearby door yourself. Repeat the 
process until all gears have been stopped. There are three displays in all.

You will get to a door that requires a keycard at the other side of the gears. 
Collect 1000 Dollar from the upper left corner, and then head east to a flight 
pad. The final 1000 Dollar-case is east from this pad. Walk southwest from the 
pad to find the keycard, and take health and syringes with you, walking back to 
the door and open it with the keycard. Some soldiers will attack from a plane, 
but only two. Walk up the snowy road, pick up stuff from the depot and have 
Luger take out the mounted gun, while you help her by shooting. A shield-
soldier will once again attack, so have Luger kill him too. You take care of 
the normal soldier attacking together with the shield-guy. Take the C4 from the 
depot inside the building on your right side, and use it to blow up the final 
gate. You're done now, after telling Luger to leave. The VNS-10 Scylla will now 
get unlocked, if you have enough dollar. Also, the Assault Rifle will be 
upgraded on the same condition.