Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Pursuit                                 [Helg34]
 Vektan Dollar in mission: 5000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle 
 Hot tip: Watch out for landmines! They are everywhere!
 + Open the fuel depot doors to reach the outpost
Luger says on the radio that this mission will set you up against some heavy 
pressure, because the enemies are many, and some of them have flamethrowers. 
There's also mines on the ground, that have the same color as the dirt.
Well, that should not be too bad for a veteran like Templar, should it? 
Anyways, start killing helghast soldiers by throwing a grenade at the two 
nearby ones, and make your way west. When you get to the place where one path 
leads west, and one north, take the west one to find some health and 1000 
Dollar. After getting those, take the north path, watch out for landmines, and 
kill all the nearby soldiers. The depot has health and ammo for you. From the 
depot, take the east path, past a detector, and down to a area full of 
destroyed containers and the like.

A crazy helghast with a flamethrower will start causing chaos, so stay back a 
while, until some containers and stuff blow up. Then, the flamethrower-soldier 
will move to the middle of the area, spitting fire at all of the entrances, so 
that you can't get through. Wait for some normal Helghasts to attack from left 
and right, and then, use the R-button to aim through the flames and shoot the 
mad flamethrowing soldier to death. You can also use grenades to do this. Make 
sure to pick up ammo and grenades from the nearby depot, and pick up the green 
keycard that the flame-soldier dropped. Northeast is a crate with 1000 Dollar, 
and a terminal that accepts the keycard. Use it to open a huge gate.

 + Find the swamp outpost

Walk through the gate, over a small bridge, then take the C4, health, ammo and 
frag grenades from the depot. Head west, take cover near the three crates so 
that you can kill the two attackers, and then get 1000 Dollar from one of the 
said crates. Head north up to a concrete building, and throw a grenade at the 
first soldier you meet. Further north (still at the concrete building) are 
three additional soldiers an an AA gun. 

 + Destroy the two AA guns

Throw a grenade at the two soldiers  that are close to each other, and use 
popping to kill the third one. Place the C4 from the previous depot at the AA 
gun to blow it up, and then get the health from the crate north of it. In a 
crate west of the health-crate, you can find 1000 Dollar. Now head south to 
exit the concrete building again, and then a little west.

Strafe and shoot to kill a dog, and several soldiers. When you have done that, 
get some health from the depot to the north, near a yellow barrel. Now head as 
far west as the level lets you to find several crates, with both health and the 
last suitcase with 1000 Dollar in. There will also be a new entrance to a new 
concrete building to the north. Use your weapon on all the normal enemies, and 
spare the grenades until you are attacked by a white shotgun-soldier, since 
those can be hard to take down. To the north is a depot with another C4 set, so 
use it to blow up the second AA gun that is nearby. Head right from the depot 
to activate a boss battle, after the boss has shot the ISA jetplane down to 
bits, and told you that he has captured Rico.

 + Boss battle
This boss has two main attacks. Throwing lots of grenades, and going crazy with 
a machine-gun. At the start, be quick to run southwest to the depot there to 
get the missile launcher. When it throws mines, you should keep at good 
distance, while shooting missiles at the boss's machine-gun. Since these deal 
100 damage with each hit, you should be able to take out the machine gun by 
using only the missile launcher, accompanied by two or three frag grenades. 
To avoid being killed by the machine-gun, use the L-button to dodge, and hide 
behind crates and pillars.

When the machine-gun blows up, go get the assault rifle from one of the depots 
again, and start concentrating on the remaining parts of the boss. This would 
have been easy, if it were not for the spidermine outbursts that happen a 
couple of times. When the spiders attack, your best shot is to quickly aim at
them, and shoot them, since they only have a little health each. Use 
both grenades and bullets at the remaining parts of the boss, until they are 
all gone, and watch out not to get hit by the missiles.

In the end, Cobar is killed.