Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Catastrophe                             [Helg33]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 6000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle (important!)

 + Survive the Helghast attack

The pilot from the jetplane will get killed by a sniper helghast, and you 
will be told to guard the area at all cost. First, go right and throw a grenade 
at the soldier there, and then walk northwest to shoot at the soldier in the 
hills, while strafing to avoid shots from a soldier with a sniper. For now, 
hide behind the old tree in the western part of the area to avoid the sniper, 
and throw a grenade at the shotgun-carrying soldier that enters. Yet again, a 
soldier will attack from the northwest hills, so strafe and kill him. Ok, time 
to take down the sniper. He is located in the northeast hills, he might hit you 
if you are not good at strafing, so be careful. This is a little hectic, since 
a new soldier will soon attack from the east, and another one from west.

Now, Luger will tell you to pick up the C4 from the depot near the depot. Take 
the shotgun as well if you are short on ammo for your assault rifle - you do 
not need a very accurate weapon anymore. Well, go west and use the C4 at the 
circle on the ground. Shoot the soldier at the other side to death, take the 
nearby 1000 Dollars and then open the depot for some health and a Jetpack! Now, 
fly south past some soldiers as fast as you can, to find 1000 Dollar. Remember 
that you can shoot using the gun that follows with the Jetpack.

Further south, a checkpoint will be activated and Luger will tell you that 
there's lots of radio interference. Well, fly over the gap on the left side 
after shooting the two soldiers at the other side to death. Take health from 
the depot, and listen to Luger saying that you should try finding a 
communications tower to locate the radio interference. Further west, in some 
bushed, 1000 Dollars are hidden. Seeing these can be hard, so make sure you get 
them. Go more south to kill a soldier near a green display and take the 1000 
Dollars on the ground. You will now head a weird radio signal of someone trying 
to contact you.

Use the display to lower the bridge and then get the 1000 Dollars you see on a 
hill in the middle of a huge gap. Go northwest to kill a soldier and take 
health from a depot. There is a huge gap on the north side, with some soldiers 
at the other side of it. Fly over and kill them. Take cover using some rocks, 
and pop to kill the ones attacking you. These guys also have jetpacks. Go 
straight north, and you will see a very small cave in the middle of a mountain. 
Hidden inside, is the last suitcase of dollars. You should now have 6000 of 
them. Fly over another gap on your right hand to activate a checkpoint. Take 
cover, and shoot two soldiers near a green display to death. Two other ones 
will come down from an elevator too, so take cover in the southern part of the 
area and shoot them to death. You can heal up in the depot. Afterwards, 
deactivate the mine in the stairs and then head up using the elevator. Luger 
will now get in touch.

At the top of the tower, fly north over a gap, and land close to the depot at 
the other side. Now, be extremely quick to use the depot to get a sniper rifle 
to take down the missile-soldier on your right side. You can deal with the one 
on the ground in front of you afterwards. With both of them dead, go a little 
north towards the nearby mine, and kill the sniper-soldier you meet by hiding 
behind the left wall, and then shooting him. Deactivate all the mines and head 
north for a conversation with Cobar. The VIP is dead, unfortunately. Mission