Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Ambush                                  [Helg32]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 5000
 Weapon of choice: M13 Semi Auto Shotgun
 + Escape the pursuers / Prevent them from accessing the islands

Templar will get trapped by the helghast soldiers, but before anything else 
happens, Rico will save him from their wicked plans. The cut-scene looks 
absolutely crap, with slow enemies and graphical weirdness, but happily, you 
are playing for the gameplay, right? Anyways, kill the dog and the soldier on 
the southern hill and quickly open the nearby crate for 1000 Dollar. Staying is 
no good, since more enemies will appear soon. Head east, do a U-turn and then 
walk west, blow up the tower where a sniper is shooting from, and watch out for 
pursuers. From here, walk northeast until a checkpoint is activated, and then 
down a hill with some planks on the ground. You are pursued, so be very fast to 
kill the soldier that is using his flamethrower, since he will block the way 
forever if you don't kill him. A little west of this flame-soldier is a crate 
with 1000 Dollar. As earlier, do not stop to kill pursuers, and escape to the 
east instead, over a bridge with a red display tied to it. Once at the other 
side, use the display (that has now turned green) to stop the pursuers from 
getting closer to you.

 + Reach the crash site

North of the bridge is a depot and a crate with 1000 Dollar. Take health and 
ammo from the depot, and don't forget the dollars. Head southeast over some 
small bridges, and pick up the ammo on the ground. You will be attacked by a 
dog and a soldier, but your shotgun makes that only a very little problem.  
Continue east and grab health and grenades from a depot. Don't take the weapons 
in the crate. Now, head over one of the two north-leading bridges and kill the 
soldiers you meet. Take cover once you see someone shooting with a sniper, and 
slowly make your way northwest no yet another depot. Open it to take some 
health, and then run and kill the sniper-wielding soldier, that is guarding a 
crate with 1000 Dollar in. There's a lot of ammo here in this area, so pick it 
up before a jetplane drops of two helghast soldiers. Just pop them to death 
when they attack from the south. Press the green display where you killed the 
sniper once everything is calm, and then walk over the bridge that now appears.

Throw a grenade at the sniper on your left side, and watch out for a bad guy 
coming behind you. On your right is a flame-soldier again, so kill him as well. 
Walk a little north, grab the last 1000 Dollars, and then, the mission will be 
over.  You will find the crashed jetplane, with a trapped pilot inside. The 
VIP that you wanted to find is gone. The M3 Revolver should now have been 
unlocked too.