Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Reconnaissance                          [Helg31]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 7000
 Weapon of choice: M13 Semi Auto Shotgun
 + Gain entry through the swamp shutters

Templar will destroy a bridge with some soldiers on, and Luger will tell you 
that there's at least on VIP survivor here that you need to locate. You will be 
driving the hovercraft for a while in this mission, but walking out of it is 
possible as well. If hitting soldiers gets hard without taking lots of damage, 
you can walk out of the hovercraft and kill them on foot. Also, the mission is 
filled with big mines that you need to carefully avoid while driving.
On your left you will see a soldier shooting missiles and one 
usual one. Use the cannon to take them out, and then get out of the hovercraft 
to kill another soldier on the right side and take 1000 Dollar from the crate 
he was guarding. Start driving slowly to the left along the water. There will 
be a mounted gun here, that you can either shoot with you cannon, or get out 
and throw a grenade at. Further left are two other soldiers that can be killed 
easily with the cannon. They were guarding another 1000 Dollar before you 
killed them.

North of the huge bridge, it can be tricky to not take damage if you do not do 
thing in the right direction: First use the cannon to kill a soldier on the 
north side, then quickly use the automatic/machine-gun fire with the Square 
button to kill the one on the right side. Straight after, head out of the 
hovercraft and use your weapon (shotgun if you follow the weapon of choice 
hints I list at the start of each mission) to kill the missile-shooting bad guy 
that appears on your left side. Two normal soldiers will also attack from the 
left after the missile-shooting one is done. Now, the area is clean. So, use 
the south side of the small island that is connected to the west-most bridge to 
get onto it and get the 1000 Dollar from the western end of it.

When you're done with collecting the money from the bridge, check
the northwest corner to find some health on the ground, and a depot with 
grenades in. Don't bother with the missile-launcher there.

Destroy the mines that are blocking the way to the east using your hovercraft's 
weapons and then drive east to activate a checkpoint. Use the cannon to take 
down the mounted gun and the soldier attacking from the ground. You can not yet 
proceed east in the water, since a swamp shutter is blocking the way. These 
shutters are basically gigantic gates that need to be blown open using C4. 
Well, get out of the hovercraft, run up to where the mounted gun was placed,
and kill the soldiers that come out of the door. Take some health, ammo and 
two C4 out of the depot that you can find below a gray sign. Get down from 
where you are, then head northeast until you can see the circles on the swamp 
shutter that indicate where you should place the C4. There's also a crate with 
health here, so take that one before placing two C4 sets and blowing up the 
shutter. Soldiers will attack from both sides, but not at the same time, and 
since there's no problem to take cover behind some crates, this is not hard at 
all. At the far right side of the shutter is 1000 Dollar. 

 + Enter the deeper swamp area to the north

Well, now you can go back to the hovercraft and drive east through the now open 
shutter. A checkpoint will activate. Shoot once at the spidermine on your right 
side to make it kill a helghast soldier. Then, on your left side, be quick and 
use the cannon to kill a missile-shooting guy, as well as a normal helghast on 
your right. In a crate on the right side is another 1000 Dollar and some ammo. 
Before proceeding northwest, make sure to clean out the mines in the water. 
Once you see a old shack, get out of the hovercraft and throw a grenade at the 
two soldiers that come out of it. There's a depot here as well, with some 
health in. Do not grab the machine pistol there, unless you are out of ammo for 
your shotgun/other weapon. This is where you will be leaving the hovercraft 
that served you so nicely.

Walk north to activate a checkpoint, and a soldier will run towards you. Shoot 
at the nearby spider to make it kill him. To the north is a sniper. You can 
kill him by popping. Walk east, then pass a explosive barrel while shooting at 
the soldier that is hiding behind the crates. You should be able to kill him 
and take his place, using the crate there as cover. Kill the two soldiers that 
come out from the nearby door, and switch your weapon for an assault rifle from 
the depot. Do not forget to take health and frag grenades either. A little 
right of the explosive barrel you ran past are two crates; one with 1000 

Walk southeast into a very open area with lots of muddy water. In the 
southeastern corner, two soldiers are hiding behind some rocks. Throw a grenade 
at them and use the rocks as cover from the bullets being shot by the soldiers 
placed north of you. Throw a grenade at the closest soldier and then use 
popping to take the one standing on the bridge. First now, head all the way 
north as far as you come to find another 1000 Dollar. You should have 7000 now. 
Then, head a little back, go up the stairs and east using the bridge to walk 
on. At the other side of the bridge, shoot at the spider to make it kill a 
soldier. After picking up some health on the ground, head through a gate. It 
will close when you are past it, and a helghast will shout that "You're outta 
luck, Scum!". Take frag grenades and health from the depot, and start throwing 
grenades at the bunch of attacking soldiers. Stay in the southeastern corner, 
strafing to avoid the grenades and shots fired at you. When all enemies are 
dead, go northwest to exit the mission.