Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Breakout                               [Helg24]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 6000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Open the sea door

Your first task is to open a sea door by using the display in a certain
control room marked on your map. Start by going a little east, and shoot one
bullet at the spidermine at the top of the container. It will attack the nearby
soldier and kill him if you are lucky. If not, you need to shoot him yourself.
Go south until you see a a sniper's laser aim. Be careful, hide behind the
containers and then shoot the sniper soldier to death. Check the nearby depot
to get grenades and ammo and then walk further down to find a green display
being guarded by a couple of bad guys. Kill 'em and use the display to lift one
of the containers you passed earlier, so that a path opens. Before going to
that path, walk east over the bridge near the display, and then a little north.
Take out the mounted gun there with a couple of grenades, and then walk back,
through the path that opened when you lifted the container earlier.

You will get to a point where there's two crates, a trailer and a hole in the
wall. Instead of walking through the hole, go right and you will see a
spidermine and a sniper soldier. Shoot one shot at the spider to make it attack
the sniper soldier and kill him. If this doesn't work for you, use bullets.
Depending on how you solved this situation, a dog and a soldier might come
attacking. If they do, kill the dog first while strafing, and then finish the
soldier. Well, now deactivate the mines placed on some small gray containers.
Between them is a crate with 1000 Dollar. With them collected head back to the
hole in the wall (near the trailer) and walk through it, up the stairs and then
west. You will find a crate on your southern side with 1000 Dollar in. Now head

You will end up in a room with a new depot and a crate with 1000 Dollar in.
Ignore the sniper rifle from the depot, and kill the soldiers attacking from
the outside. The area should now be cleaned, and you are now ready to go back
down, look at the map and head to the green display, which is represented by a
square, south of your current location. When you get nearby, three soldiers
will attack, but since the area has quite a few explosive barrels to blow up,
that should not be a problem. There's a depot south of the display, with some
health in, as well as a revolver. Take the revolver and use it as your weapon,
and then use the display to complete the first objective. A bridge will rise.

 + Protect the helghast command ship

Now, lots of soldiers will attack you, so make sure to throw a grenade at
them, and then demonstrate how nice a weapon the revolver is. Very powerful
at long range. Walk northwest, and Luger will tell you to stop the helghast
from blowing up their command ship. Do this by killing all the soldiers that
attack you, and then quickly run straight east to kill the soldiers that
are setting explosives. As the far eastern side, you can find 1000 Dollar.
Kill the sniper shooting from the north with a grenade, and make sure no
one gets to set explosives on the ship. If you need health, there's a depot
and a crate with health in the middle of the ship. There will be lots of
soldiers with shotguns, but your revolver should do the job if you remember
to take cover and strafe until no more soldiers attack. You can eventually
use the depot to switch to a shotgun, if you want to. I never do that here,

 + Head towards the harbor

When Luger tells you that you're done on the ship, head north over a small
bridge-like thingy, and then northeast to find a crate with 1000 Dollar. Now go
straight west, through a blown up container, and hide behind the gray
container, since a sniper and some soldiers will attack. Luger says that you
need to find some explosives in this area. First, throw a grenade at the sniper
and soldiers, and kill the rest with bullets. With all of the soldiers dead,
head up the nearby stairs to find a depot near a door. There's health, grenades
and CĄ (explosives) here. You can now go close to the gate that needs to be
blow up, but before you set the C4 there, destroy the spidermine in the middle
of the circle.

 + Steal the hovercraft

With the gate blown, several soldiers will attack. Hide behind a container and
pop as many of them as you can to death. Many people run out of ammo here, so
if you do, run back to the ship and the depot there to get a assault rifle. Run
through the gate you blew up, kill all enemies (including another spider), and
then walk left once you see a display to get 1000 Dollar. You should now have
all the 6000 Dollar. Use the display to open a gate, and then walk into the
hovercraft to escape. The challenge games for chapter will and the M13 Semi
Auto Shotgun will now be unlocked. You can now also access a jukebox from the
options menu. The shotgun and the jukebox will only be unlocked if you have
collected enough Dollars.