Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Assault                                [Helg23]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 7000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Meet Rico at the rendezvous point

After stepping down from the elevator, Luger will tell you that you should try
and meet Rico at the rendezvous point, and that it might be smart to just sneak
past the helghast patrols. As you can see, their goggles are now yellow, which
means that they do not know you're there. However, there's only two soldiers
patrolling on your left side, and no one on the right side. Shoot the two of
them do death, since you will want to break a crate in this area. If
you're fast, they won't be able to call for backup. With them dead, take 1000
Dollar from the crate on the right side of the small building. Now, lower the
bridge using the green display and meet up with Rico at the other side.

 + Reach the main harbor entrance at the west side

Have Rico follow you and deactivate the mine. A soldier will attack from the
right after you're done, but do not rush close to him. Instead wait where you
are and take cover. Have Rico do the same, as three additional soldiers will
also attack. Popping should be more than enough to kill all the soldiers. A
little north is a new 1000 Dollar case, so pick it up. Luger will now tell you
that Rico has some C4, and that he can blow up the marked area on the ground a
little further north. However, you will now be attacked by more soldiers, so
head back and take cover - have Rico do the same as well. There is no chance in
hell to clear this area if you just rush close to the enemy, so take your time,
and kill all of the helghast soldiers. Grenades might help you too. The last
soldier that will attack here is one of the big shotgun-carrying ones. When
you're done, pick up the health from the crate in the right side of the area,
and walk north and have Rico blow up the blockade, after deactivating the mine
protecting it. Also pick up syringes and grenades from the depot to the right
of the point Rico blows up.

In the next area, lure the two soldiers close to one of the explosive barrels,
and blow it up to kill them both. There's also soldiers on your right, left and
north sides. As always, be careful and take cover. No rushing, lots of popping.
When you're sure the area is clean, walk north to find a crate with 1000
Dollars, close to a new depot. Do not take the missile launcher found here.
After getting supplies and money, head back down and then go west.

Watch the cut-scene with the boat, and then a mounted gun will start
shooting at you. Hide and get some cover, and shoot at the mounted gun
until the panzer on it breaks, so that you can damage the soldier shooting.
When he's dead, concentrate on the new helghast soldiers that have
appeared. If you run out of grenades or ammo, I know I have done several
times here, just head back to the depot to get the shotgun and more
grenades. When the area is empty of soldiers, you will see a spot on the
ground that Rico can blow up. Don't do that yet, though. Instead, head up
the stairs south to the control room. Throw a grenade into it, and dodge
the missile that might be fired at you. Southeast of the control room,
there's 1000 Dollar and a depot that you might want to get a shotgun,
syringes to heal Rico, and some health from. Go back northwest now, and
have Rico blow up the point you ignored before going to the control room. To
the left, at the end of the pier, is another 1000 Dollar.

After Rico has blown through with his C4, you should throw a grenade at the
two soldiers that attack and walk a little north to activate a checkpoint.
Before taking supplies from the depot on your left side, kill some soldiers
that come from behind, and head up the nearby stairs. To the south, it is
possible to open up a door to find a room with a depot with C4 in, and a
crate with 1000 Dollar.

Go straight north out of the C4-room now, and have Rico blow the gate there
open. Kill the two soldiers at the other side using your shotgun. There's
1000 Dollar in the upper right corner, and the exit is located straight left
from here. A soldier will meet you and blow up the huge gate, and the
mission will end. If you've collected all the money available in the campaign
this far, Milcher will be unlocked for use in multiplayer.