Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Diversion                              [Helg22]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 6000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Deactivate the first pump

The mission starts with Templar killing off two helghast soldiers in a pretty
brutal way. Luger calls, and tells you to mess up the oil system. Open the gate
by locking onto and shooting the valve on your right side. Do not rush in yet,
but instead peek into the area behind the gate to make three Helghasts attack.
Strafe and shoot to kill them, using the wall near the gate as cover. Take the
health in the nearby crate and use the green display to open a gate. Two
soldiers will attack from the right, so throw a frag grenade at them. Also, to
the north is a crate with 1000 Dollar in.

Now use the display on the right side to deactivate the steam coming from the
ground further right. Walk past the previously steam-filled place and a little
north into another area. Some Helghasts will come out of a door, but you can
just throw a grenade at them too. In the upper left corner, left of the door,
is a crate with some health. On your right side is a valve for you to blow up,
and a new display that you should press do deactivate some steam pumps. When
you do, two Helghasts will appear from the north. Before killing them, go a
little east to find a depot with frag grenades in, and another valve to bust.

Walk north after passing the steam pumps, avoid the spider and shoot the
explosive barrel when the soldier with a shotgun appears. Now, you will see a
red display. From there, walk left until two soldiers attack. One grenade
should be enough to silence them. Take cover and use popping to take down the
soldier that is shooting at you from the left. With him dead, you can easily
open up the nearby depot to get grenades, ammo and health should you need it.
The soldier you recently killed was guarding two crates. One has 1000 Dollar.
Now, there is a green display to the right. Activate it, go south through the
steamed area once the steam is gone. Further south are two new soldiers, that
you can kill by throwing a grenade so that it blows up the explosive barrel in
the middle of the area. If someone survives, shoot and kill.

Now, with the last or second-to-last frag grenade, kill as many of the three
new soldiers that enter from the left. This can be tough. If you run out of
grenades, use the small gray container in the upper right corner as cover, and
pop up and down, keeping the enemies at distance until they are dead. As an
alternate strategy, you can pick up smoke grenades from the depot you stopped
at earlier, and use them to confuse the helghast soldiers. Before pressing the
green display in the middle of this now blood-stained area, collect 1000 Dollar
from the upper left corner, and the health from the lower right corner. Well,
after pressing the display, your first objective will have been completed, and
the game will finally activate a checkpoint. Phew.

 + Deactivate the second pump

Backtrack a little, but do not go back through the last steam-filled room,
since that is impossible. Head north using the planks as a small bridge
instead. You will see a circle-formed platform. When enemies attack from the
right, be quick and run north on the circle-formed platform. You will now end
up at the same platform at the attackers, so kill them off - the white soldier
first. There's frag grenades in a nearby crate if you need them, and health as
well. There should still be some living enemies left at a platform to the upper
right, since you have not gone there yet. This platform is located to the right
of the last depot you visited. Take the 1000 Dollar near the depot, and kill
the enemies on the platform, collecting the 1000 Dollar that can be found there
as well. You should have 5000 Dollar now. Well, activate the green display to
finish the second objective.

 + Proceed to the emergency exit

From the platform where you finished the second objective, go straight right to
find the last 1000 Dollar. If you press SELECT to view the map, the platform
with the last dollars will be the gray one located northeast on the screen.
Also on the map you will see an icon with a door and an arrow, a little
southeast from your current location. Your final assignment in this mission is
to get to that icon, which is an elevator, so start going south. Three soldiers
will attack, trying to cut you off. I recommend backtracking to the platform
with the last dollars on, and use the small silver container as cover, and then
popping the attackers to death. With the soldiers dead, go use the elevator by
pressing a final green display. Mission complete. The StA-52 SLAR Sniper Rifle
will now get unlocked, if you have collected enough money.