Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Approach                               [Helg21]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 7000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Locate the keycard to access the command office

Rico drops you off the boat, and Luger starts briefing you. You first need to
reach an elevator to get into an oil refinery. Well, go west until you see two
crates. There's bullets and 1000 Dollar in there. There will be a mechanical
spider and a detector on the ground near the crates. Trow one grenade at the
spider to take it out, and then trow another one into the middle of the grass
up ahead, to blow up the landmines. There's some smoke grenades in the depot.
At the other side of the grass, another spider will attack. Just run back when
it attacks, and shoot it to its end while strafing. With the second spider
taken down, go to the other side of the grass again, and kill the helghast
soldier on your right side. Strafing does the job, and you can help with a
smoke grenade if you feel like. In the crates he was guarding, there's health
and another 1000 Dollar.

As you can now see, there is a enemy with a sniper guarding the area, and there
are two sets of mines; one to the left and one on your right hand. Since the
set on the right hand is guarded by the sniper, and you would get hit by him if
you tried to deactivate the mines, you should go and deactivate the mine set on
your left hand instead. There is more grass and more land mines here, but all
of them are easy to spot and avoid. Once you've passed the landmines, lock onto
the sniper and shoot at his tower. It will blow up after taking some damage.
There is a depot here with health, grenades and a sniper rifle. Take them all,
the rifle included.

Walk north past the broken oil pipe to activate a checkpoint. A dog will be
walking on your right side. Just crouch and shoot it three times with the
sniper to kill it off. Go to the right side of the hill, enter grenade mode,
and run close to where the helghast soldiers are standing. Two grenades should
kill at least two of them, including the one with a missile launcher. If
someone remains, just hide and wait for them to walk into your sniper's area of
fire. With the soldiers dead, Luger will tell you to look for some C4. Still
using the sniper, walk to the right corner south of the door with the red
display tied to it. There is one or two soldiers here, guarding. Make them
aware of you if they are not already, and then run back to the corer to take
cover, and easily finish them off with the sniper when they come to check up on
you. Now you'll have learned how powerful the sniper is when used as a
combination with hiding. Walk close to the red display to activate another
checkpoint. Behind the door close to the display is a depot with some C4 in.
But, you will first need a Key Card to open this one. Before getting that card,
you should clean the whole area, and get more Dollar. I will tell you how below
in the next paragraph.

There should be some helghast soldiers on the left side of the nearby
detector. Use the sniper at long range to take them down, and watch out for any
remaining spiders. In fact, the spiders might also attack the helghast. Walk
left past the detector now, and pick up health, frag grenades and an assault
rifle from the depot there. You can also find 1000 Dollar in a crate near the
depot. You should have 3000 Dollar now. Walk north from here so that you get
closer to the northwestern area of the map. Kill the spider using the assault
rifle and kill three helghast soldiers that come out of the nearby door.
There's ammo and 1000 Dollar in the crates near the door. Watch out for the
mines on the ground. Further north there is a crate with 1000 Dollar and some
health, in addition to 8 frag grenades. Now, it's time to look for that

Remember where you killed the dog with the sniper? East from there is a
metallish bridge. A checkpoint will activate once you walk onto it. Two people
will attack you from the south. It would be very hard to kill them with your
Machine Pistol or Sniper, so just throw a grenade at them to kill them. Then
run to where they were shooting from, and collect 1000 Dollar from a crate,
some ammo and then open the depot for some health and two frag grenades. Do not
switch weapon - your assault rifle is fine. Walk northeast on the bridge and
kill the helghast there, and then use the green display to lower a lift, that
takes you up to higher ground. Trow a grenade at one of the enemies up here,
and finish off the other one by strafing and shooting. Pick up health and ammo
from the nearby crates and then check out the nearby depot to get health, and
an assault rifle with lots of ammo. Head north up another lift, and quickly
throw a grenade at the helghast with the missile launcher that is shooting at
you from the northwest. The other ones can easily be finished by just shooting
and strafing. Pick up health, ammo and the last 1000 Dollar from the nearby
crates. You should have 7000 Dollar now. On your left side, there is a green
blinking display. Use it to finally get the keycard.

 + Find the C4

Do you remember the place where a locked door was guarding a depot with some C4
in? You know, north of where you killed the dog. Start walking there, killing
all enemies that attack you. Right before you get there, a jetplane with
three helghast soldiers will approach. Throw a grenade at them, and hide behind
the green container near the bridge to get cover if some of them does not die.
Now, go collect the C4, along with some health from the depot.

 + Use C4 on the pipe to gain access to the elevator area

Straight right from the depot where you found the C4, you will now see a circle
on the ground, which means that you can plant your C4 to blow those pipes up.
Well, do that, and walk through the hole that will appear where the pipes where

 + Reach the elevator to the captured oil refinery

Ignore the spider and the crate on the right side, and instead watch out for
the dog that attacks. Strafe to the left and right to avoid its attacks, and
shoot it all the way until it dies. Use the western part of the area to take
cover from the Helghasts that attack. There should not be more than two of
them. Grenades are recommended to use here. When they are dead, open the depot
for some health, and then crouch behind the crate placed in the northern part.
There will be a sniper aiming at you, but with the assault rifle, popping him
to death is no problem at all. Behind the sniper, is an elevator that you
should use to end this mission. Nice work!