Killzone: Liberation Game Guide

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Sabotage                                     [Helg14]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 5000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Gain access to the dam

After hearing Luger's message, you will see a dead soldier on the ground. A
little above him is a helghast planning to snipe you down. Hide behind the
container and kill him by peeking out on the right side of the container. Head
west, deactivate a mine, and a helghast will come running out of a door. Finish
him with a grenade. Start deactivating another mine, and a new soldier will
appear from the door. Kill him and then head up the elevator with the green
console tied to it. A lot of bad guys will be waiting here, and Luger will tell
you to find some serious firepower to deal with them. Take cover, kill the
Helghasts, walk over to the tank in the northwestern corner. Activate the green
switch to open the gate, and then enter the tank.

Drive to the other side of the gate, shoot the enemies there using the tanks
machine-gun and exit the tank to go north, finding crates with health, 1000
Dollar and a depot with grenades. After collecting those, enter the tank again.
Drive right, take down the opposing forces, get out of the tank again and open
the northeastern gate. Drive through the gate and onto the bridge.

 + Destroy the gate

Drive straight, to take down a helghast, then left to kill two in front of you
and one behind a wall. Get out of the tank, walk south (but watch out for the
landmine) and collect 1000 Dollar from the crate at the broken bridge. Now walk
back to the tank, do not enter it, but walk further north. Use the L-button to
dodge the rocket that a bad guy shoots at you from the north, and throw a
grenade at him to kill you. Take down the soldier on your right as well and
then return to get the tank here. You will now have to drive it through the
small blockade,then north along the bridge-like construction. But watch
carefully so that you don't run onto landmines. A new helghast with a missile
launcher will attack from the north, once you get near to the fork in the path.
Use the tank's cannon on him as fast as you can, before he shoots. Just do this
carefully, and you will be OK. Do not rush at all.

Now, head left at the fork and kill the helghast behind the western wall. There
are 1000 Dollar on the bridge's edge, a little south of here. Now, if you go
straight north, using the northwestern exit, there will be a turret shooting at
you. Be quick and blow it up with your cannon. Close to a nearby container is a
depot with some health in. Don't bother with the Missile Launcher that can also
be found there. Helghasts on higher ground can be found on both east and
northwestern sides, so kill them by popping.

Now, run up to where the northwestern enemy was standing and collect the C4
from the depot there. Use it to blow up the huge gate in the northern part of
the area. Walk through the gate, and a tank will attack you.

 + Destroy the cable winches / Boss battle

If you look at your map by pressing SELECT, there are three targets. These are
the winches that need to be blown up. Two on the east side, one on the west
side. Start by running left and shooting at the explosive barrels near the
winch to blow it up. You need to crouch to hit these barrels. Now, for the
remaining two winches, run to the northeast part, kill the helghast soldier
that attacks, and pick up the Missile Launcher from the Depot. Walk close to
the orange/red center of each target and hold R to aim, and then L to lock on
to the target. Then shoot to blow it up. You will NEED the Missile Launcher to
do this. Once you've blown all the winches up, the platform in the middle of
the area will lower, and you will be told to meet up with Rico. Before that,
use the Depot to get some health, kill any remaining enemies (not the enemy
tank, you can leave that one), and then collect 1000 Dollar from the eastern
part of this very same area.

 + Find a way to escape

Run all the way west, pick up the last 1000 Dollar from a crate in a green
container, and then go further west to meet Rico and escape. This is the end of
Chapter 1, well done! The challenge games for Chapter 1 will be unlocked, and
so will the IvP-18 Machine Pistol be.